Sure, there’s teen angst, but not enough attention is paid to shopping-for-teens angst. Too old for kid stuff, not old enough for grown-up things (read: super expensive or nice, or wine/liquor related) makes this age group a tough one. Plus, wishing them well on another school year they just know they’re going to loathe? Not […]

It’s that time of year again, when stores stock up on milk crates, twin XL sheets and other dorm staples. Last year I inaugurated the annual back-to-school gift-giving tips for kids from kindergarten through college. This year we start with the campus-bound coeds and a slew of new gifts that scream “big man on campus”. […]

We mothers get a lot of the glory, and rightfully so what with the whole nine-months-pregnant-and-hours-of-labor-and-delivery thing. But let’s not forget the other team member in this whole miracle  of life. Dads, being the second favorite parent in most households,  deserve apropos recognition and thanks. This Father’s Day, team up  with your kids to give their old […]

The older you get, the more you appreciate your parents. And once you become one yourself, you come crawling back to them, taking back every eye roll or broken curfew. This year, instead of giving separate Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts (because let’s be honest, how many more lotions or golf-themed paperweights do they need?) […]

Usually, a new mom’s newly minted status doesn’t sink in right away. Believe it or not, it’s not the marathon feeding sessions through the night, or the endless rocking to sleep, or the 24-hour pajama party that hit home. So what does? Her first Mother’s Day. That Hallmark holiday on which she’d dutifully send flowers […]

Earth Day: No longer reserved for crunchy treehuggers, this holiday is one with loads of gift options to help anyone on your list live a greener, earth-friendlier life. If anyone you now is still toting around plastic baggies or bottles, come to the rescue with some of these options below. Out and About A classic […]

“Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history.” -Plato   April is National Poetry Month. Bookworms and wordsmiths across the  nation are celebrating this art form (most likely by, well, writing  a poem). After all, at the risk of overloading on quotes, W.H. Auden  is noted to have said: “A poet is, before anything else, […]

April showers bring May flowers, but between the two is a whole lot  of messy weather. The early days of spring are a little like winter’s  last stand: chilly mornings followed by blustery, bleak afternoons.  Sometimes all it takes is a sunny pair of rainboots to find the silver  lining in the clouds. Get inspired […]

Easter is upon us, and between egg hunts and bunnies, jelly beans and Peeps, there’s so much to choose from for kids. Whether your goal is to teach little ones about the spiritual meaning behind the holiday or just to shower them with something special, browse these suggestions below.  Non-religious gifts Adorable stuffed animals and […]

This year, March isn’t just about St. Patrick’s Day or Easter. Did you know, for example, that March is National Frozen Food Month, or National Social Workers Month? With all the wacky, unexpected and yet legitimately official reasons to celebrate, we’ve rounded up a few gift ideas for these unique holidays. National Craft Month Start […]

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