If there’s one conundrum that seems to befall every parent of school-aged children during summer, it’s this: how best to keep the kids entertained for three long, seemingly endless months? The dog days of summer are so long and hot that even the most well-behaved kids suddenly seem a little less angelic. Fortunately there are plenty of gift […]

Nothing says “summer” like the most quintessential, all-American  holiday. The 4th of July celebrates America with great pomp and grandeur – it’s a special day unlike any other, and people all over the country make the most of it by firing up the barbecue and watching the spectacular fireworks light up the darkening sky. Whether you’ve got […]

With the unofficial start of summer under our belts, it’s time to  move forward and get set for a season of endless surf, sun and sand.  Okay, maybe it won’t be endless, per se, but there are bound to be plenty of enjoyable moments on the agenda. Kick summer off on the right foot with a […]

Whether they’re headed to a tropical island for a little respite from real life or planning their upcoming European trek, they will all require sunscreen. It’s the summer essential that no one can afford to be without – just ask any dermatologist or skin care  expert who has seen firsthand the lasting (and often dangerous) side effects of […]

Ask any woman who’s got a beach trip on the agenda this summer: getting  fit is high on her to-do list right now. Between the increased cardio  and strength workouts, the renewed focus on diet, the general avoidance  of all things delicious…well, it’s a feat much easier said than done.  Obviously it’s not impossible, though, […]

They stick by you through it all – office dramas, bad moods, insanely busy mornings that somehow transform into unforgettably manic days. Isn’t it only fair that those hard-working receptionists, secretaries and other administrative professionals have their own day? As one of the more recent holidays in existence (it was first observed in 1952), it’s […]

It’s not always easy to turn a bad day around, as anyone who has woken  up on the wrong side of the bed can attest. Even the most innocuous  occurrences suddenly seem annoying, the friendliest people turn sour  and the happiest faces appear gloomy. The good news is that there are  plenty of great gifts […]

Spring break comes as a huge sigh of relief for millions of busy students who spend weeks on end slogging their way through long days on campus. Make their vacation even more memorable with one of these thoughtful and totally vacation-worthy gifts.   Some things are just beach essentials: trashy novels, gossip magazines, sunblock…and oversized […]

Sprucing up the office isn’t exactly high on most to-do lists. It probably falls somewhere very low on the list, right after vacuuming the house after a long day and filing through a seemingly endless pile of mail. Yet dressing up the workplace doesn’t have to be a chore – it can be the exact […]

Shopping for fragrances often involves a department store run – and usually ends in a purchase of the same old things. It’s nice to shake things up every now and then, as any lucky gift recipient – and certainly any fragrance lover – can attest. Take a peek at these unique fragrances for men and […]

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