Remember celebrating the Fourth of July as a kid? Those fireworks Uncle Mike had were strictly hands off, but that didn’t prevent you from having fun. From juicy hot dogs and drippy ice treats to hours of freeze tag and sidewalk chalk, the Fourth of July is perfect for the pint-sized set. Whether you’re hosting […]

Wedding season is upon us. Since December, I’ve personally had three close friends announce their engagement, and will be attending a total of five weddings between June of this year, and September of 2013. I never understood the term “wedding season,” until recently. Even if you don’t have what feels like a million friends getting […]

First memories are a little bit hazy. They seem like pictures, frozen in time. Whatever your first memory was, it’s likely mom was either a part of it, or was close by at the time. This Mother’s Day, look back on the years that you’ve spent with your mom, and remind her of some of […]

A wedding is a monumental event in every couple’s life. When celebrating the big day, it is traditional for family and friends to honor the happy couple with a thoughtful gift. Wedding gifts often focus on the sentimental portion of the new union, or they can come from a practical angle, giving the bride and […]

A birthday is that special day that arrives once a year when we celebrate the date of our birth. While different people choose to recognize birthdays in different ways – from big parties with friends to intimate dinners with family – one common theme is the birthday gift. It’s a time-honored tradition to present those […]

A nice Easter meal is a time-honored tradition. Thankfully, someone else is hosting this year, saving you the hassle of planning, prepping and hosting. That doesn’t mean, though, that you get to show up empty-handed. On the contrary: a gift for the host or hostess should go without saying. Stick with festive, thoughtful gifts that […]

Easter is a holiday that’s synonymous with children searching high and low for candy that the Easter Bunny hid. However, it’s not a holiday that’s just for kids. If they’re a teen who is more than a few years too old to believe in a talking rabbit, they can still have a lot of fun […]

It’s not hard to get in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit. On a day when everyone is wearing green, a day when bars are crowded and noisy with toasts, and a day when everyone can be Irish, having a good time is easy. Get ready for an unforgettable celebration with these fun gifts. St. Patrick’s […]

During the twenty-four hours of St. Patrick’s Day, everyone can be an Irishman. It’s a holiday that’s celebrated in a big way all across America, filled with parties that no one should miss. When you’re walking into that wild Patty’s Day bash, make sure you’re wearing some green. Irish Tuxedo T-Shirt: Be the classiest guy […]

My little girl just turned 15. I guess she’s not so little anymore! Sometimes, I wonder if she’s given up being a girl, too. Her favorite color is black, and she’s more interested in playing video games than heading to the mall to try on clothes. Make-up, accessories and music are out. So what’s in? […]