We mothers get a lot of the glory, and rightfully so what with the whole nine-months-pregnant-and-hours-of-labor-and-delivery thing. But let’s not forget the other team member in this whole miracle  of life. Dads, being the second favorite parent in most households,  deserve apropos recognition and thanks. This Father’s Day, team up  with your kids to give their old […]

Sprucing up the office isn’t exactly high on most to-do lists. It probably falls somewhere very low on the list, right after vacuuming the house after a long day and filing through a seemingly endless pile of mail. Yet dressing up the workplace doesn’t have to be a chore – it can be the exact […]

Believe it or not, there’s more to Christmas shopping for guys than flannel PJs and electronics. Tap into his personality and interests to give a gift that’s sentimental, not stereotypical. Here are our top picks to get you inspired, all at under $50.   For the professional Whether he just got promoted to the corner […]

It’s a law of nature: as your shopping list grows bigger, your budget inevitably gets smaller.  Not to worry; thoughtful, unique gifts can still be had even while sporting modest price tags. Look to these suggestions for holiday gifts for her, $25 and under.   For the Jetsetter If she has serious wanderlust can track […]

Unlike Christmas, Chanukah lasts for eight days, not one. Sure, you could count Christmas Eve as an unofficial extension of this holiday, but that’s still only two days, not EIGHT. While some people like to celebrate Chanukah in one day, there’s always the possibility that they keep with tradition and open a gift each night […]

Christmas: it’s back. That most wonderful, frantic time of the year when you search for meaningful, heartfelt gifts but often come up empty-handed. Then there are the crowds and cold weather to contend with, not to mention last-minute additions to your gift list. All these factors may sound like a recipe for the perfect storm, […]

Between basting and baking, cooking and cleaning, scrubbing and scouring, and dusting and decorating-let’s just say that hosting Thanksgiving dinner is no walk in the park. So what are you most thankful for? That you’re not the one doing it. Even if you’re slaving over a dish to bring, give thanks to your gracious host […]

Spice up the Holidays

Each year the holidays seem to arrive a little bit faster than they did the year prior. Before Labor Day is even over, the Halloween candy is out and before you can blink, is quickly being removed from the shelves to be replaced with Thanksgiving items. The pumpkin has long been associated with fall, and […]

I was recently discussing Halloween with a friend, when we began to talk about how great a holiday it really is; there’s no pressure to buy anyone gifts, you get to dress up as someone you’re not, you eat endless amounts of candy, and it’s generally just an excuse to have a good time with […]

Halloween has come and gone, but thankfully there’s another occasion full of fun and potentially frightful surprises: Election Day. Whether you live in a blue state or red or lean left or right, you can still host a viewing party worthy of guests from both sides of the aisle. Keep it lighthearted with these supplies in mind.

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