8th Grade Graduation Gift Guide

Before you get your college diploma, or even your high school diploma, there is the all important middle school/grade eight graduation. Thirteen year olds start the transition into adulthood by leaving grade school for high school. Help the new teen in your life celebrate this momentous occasion with a thoughtful, fun and appropriate gift.

Gift Ideas for a Son or Daughter

Parents of the graduate often mark this special event with a big ticket item. It’s not every day your child graduates from grade eight! The Sony Cybershot Digital Camera is a great electronic gadget for any high school freshman. They’ll be able to document the next stage in their lives with a dependable camera.

If gadgets aren’t your thing, celebrate your child’s academic success with something they will cherish for the rest of their lives. A graduation is the perfect occasion to start a permanent jewellery collection for your teen. My Son, My Pride and Joy Stainless Steel Watch reflects a young man’s maturity and growth. Girls will love the Daughter’s Italian Charm Bracelet with Swarovski Crystals. They can collect charms for years to come.

Silver Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-WX150 Digital Camera My Son, My Pride and Joy Stainless Steel Chronograph Men's Watch Daughter's Italian Charm Bracelet with Swarovski Crystals
Cyber-Shot Digital Camera My Son Watch Daughter Charm Bracelet

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Gift Ideas for a Brother or Sister

As the sibling of a graduate, it’s important you put aside your tattling and arm wrestling for one day to remember this important event. Leave the big electronic gift to your parents but feel free to compliment it with an accessory like the App Station Alarm Clock Stereo Speaker Dock for iPod and iPhone. Your sib will love the thoughtfulness of a practical gift that they can use with their new gadgets.

The transition into high school is a time of maturity for recent grads. Help your brother or sister feel like a grown up individual with a personalized gift. Instead of childish toys, give them Personalized Note Card Stationery. Now when they borrow your shirt without asking they can leave an apology on their beautiful new stationery!

High school is a time when lots of kids nurture their talents and passions. Does your sibling love the guitar? Think he’ll join the school band or maybe she’ll form her own? Why not get him/her a Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar? They’ll know you care about their interest and support them in pursuing it.

App Station Alarm Clock Stereo Speaker Dock for iPod and iPhone Personalized Note Card Stationery  Acoustic Guitar
App Station Alarm Clock/Speaker Note Card Stationary Acoustic Guitar

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Gift Ideas for a Friend’s Child

If your next-door neighbor’s son or co-worker’s daughter is graduating, it’s tricky to know what to get them. A great graduation gift commemorates their time in middle school. The WindowScrapbook with Button Closure is something the graduate will treasure forever. They can fill the pages with pictures of their friends and be able to remember them way beyond high school.

If you’re stuck for gift ideas, think practical! Every high school student needs a backpack. Your graduate will appreciate a brand new bag that’s funky, unique and practical, like the Women’s Woven Backpack of Traditional Nepal Gheri Fabric. The first day of high school is a lot less nerve-racking when you’re rocking a cool new backpack.

Give the gift of a great time with the Movie Madness Block Buster Movie Gift Box. Whether your friend’s child likes action thrillers or comedies, they’ll appreciate this gift box and the useful contents. It will also give them the opportunity to connect with new and old friends by inviting them over to watch a flick.

Happy Graduation!

Window Scrapbook with Button Closure Woven Backpack of Traditional Nepal Gheri Fabric Movie Madness Block Buster Movie Gift Box
Scrapbook with Button Closure Woven Backpack Movie Madness Gift Box

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