A Kiss From A Rose – What It Really Means

Roses are one of the most recognized symbols of love. But did you know that you can convey an immediate and very specific message  simply by the color of the roses you choose?



For example, red roses, known to express love and romance, are often given as a sign of true love whereas white roses are used to represent purity and reverence, making them the perfect color to be used during wedding ceremonies.


Taking the meanings once step further, a single red rose can say, “I love you,” two roses with entwined stems  express, “Marry me,” one dozen roses signifies, “Be mine” and 50 roses let your sweetheart know that your love is limitless.



When  purchasing a single rose or full bouquet, consult this quick guide of common rose colors to ensure you deliver the appropriate sentiment.



Rose Color Meanings

Red roses symbolize love, romance and passion

Pink roses symbolize grace, elegance and femininity

Purple roses symbolize love at first sight

Orange roses symbolize desire, excitement and enthusiasm

Yellow roses symbolize friendship, joy and happiness

White roses symbolize purity, innocence and reverence


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