A Little Something for Everyone, Chanukah Gifts

Unlike Christmas, Chanukah lasts for eight days, not one. Sure, you could count Christmas Eve as an unofficial extension of this holiday, but that’s still only two days, not EIGHT. While some people like to celebrate Chanukah in one day, there’s always the possibility that they keep with tradition and open a gift each night for eights nights. In the off chance they stick with tradition, here are a few unique, Chanukah themed gift ideas to kick off their holiday!
8 Days of Chanukah Treats


Give them something the whole family can enjoy, with this tasty, 8 Days of Chanukah Treats gift. With delicious items such as chocolate drizzled popcorn, chocolate dipped oreos and more, they’ll have something sweet to snack on for the duration of the holiday (if they can resist eating them all in one sitting!)


Kaleidoscope Hanukkah Dreidel




The game they played as a child is now a treasured memento they can display in their home all year long. This whimsical Kaleidoscope Hanukkah Dreidel is hand-painted and created using fine pewter, making this a truly beautiful gift for any friend or family member.


Iseral Newpaper Article



The New York Times has covered Israel’s many ups and downs over the years. This History of Israel from the New York Times, features every major event the paper has ever published, from 1897 to the present, making this a great gift for any history buff.


Yiddish for Dogs Book




Maybe history isn’t their thing, though. Surprise the animal-loving jokester in your life, with this comical, Yiddish for Dogs Book. This quirky book teaches them the meaning of Yiddish words, accompanied by pictures of dogs that embody those words!


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