Anniversary Gift Guide


Whether you’re celebrating your 1st or 50th wedding anniversary, it’s important to mark the occasion with a special gift for your spouse. Years of working full time, taking care of a house-full of kids and maintaining a happy marriage deserves to be celebrated. Show your better half that you appreciate all they do and that they are important despite the busy lives you both lead. Congratulations on years of successful marriage and here’s to many more!


Gift Ideas for 1st Anniversary

While you may still be coming off your honeymoon-high, it’s important to mark your first anniversary in a special way. The first wedding anniversary is traditionally celebrated with paper. A sentimental way to start off your anniversary gift-giving is to frame your wedding certificate and hang it in your home. Other paper options include books, journals and more romantic ideas like a message in a bottle. The modern first anniversary gift is a clock. Consider getting a statement standing clock for your hallway or a funkier one for the kitchen you can personalize with photos from your first year of marriage. You can also gift a watch that you engrave with a sweet sentiment for your better half.

1st Anniversary Books and Magazine category  Message in a Bottle 1st Anniversary Clock category
Lovebook Activity Book for Couples I Love You Message in a Bottle Live, Laugh, Love Clock

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Gift Ideas for 5th Anniversary

The traditional fifth wedding anniversary gift is wood so a keepsake wooden plaque is a great gift option. You can engrave the plaque with a sweet message or keep it simple with your names and wedding date. You can also make the wood theme more practical by getting something your spouse would use like a wooden jewelry box or high end cutting board. If you’re handy, why not craft something yourself out of wood? Silverware is the modern gift for fifth anniversaries. A beautiful set of silver utensils, possibly engraved with your wedding date, would make an excellent modern gift.

5th Anniversary Wall Hanging Category Wooden Jewelry Boxes 5th Anniversary Silverware Category
Soul Mate Wooden Plaque We Beat as One Engraved Jewelry Box Fleur de Lis Hostess Set

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Gift Ideas for 10th Anniversary

Traditionally, tenth wedding anniversaries are celebrated with tin/aluminum. While they don’t sound fancy, retailers have followed tradition and created great jewelry options and photo frames in tin and aluminum that your sweetie would love. The modern gift of diamond jewelry can also be gifted on a tenth anniversary. Why not surprise your wife with a pair of diamond earrings or classy diamond cufflinks for your hubby?

10th Anniversary Necklace Category 10th Anniversary Gift Category Diamond Earrings Category
Beaten Heart Tin Pendent Aluminum Established Family Plaque 1/2 Carat Diamond Stud Earrings

Gift Ideas for 25th Anniversary
Traditional and modern twenty-fifth anniversaries are all celebrated with the gift of silver. To honor such a huge milestone, consider getting a commemorative silver plate to put on display in your home. The plate can be engraved with your wedding date, names and a special message or portion of your vows. Silver jewelry is also a great option for this anniversary. A beautiful silver bracelet or necklace will mark this milestone. And if your silverware from the fifth anniversary could use replacing, this is the perfect occasion for it!

25th Anniversary Category Silver Jewelry Category Men's Silver Bracelets
Personalized Silver Anniversary Plate Double Heart Necklace Contemporary ID Bracelet

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Gift Ideas for 50th Anniversary
Congratulations! You’ve made it to the landmark fiftieth wedding anniversary. Not many couples can boast fifty years of marriage so prepare to go big with gifts and a party this year. Traditionalists and modernists agree that the fiftieth year of marriage be celebrated with gold. Commemorative plates and plaques are appropriate for this anniversary as well. For a romantic option, why not exchange new gold rings or other gold jewelry you have specially engraved for the love of your life? Add to the celebration with a bottle of champagneor wine with edible gold flakes.Congratulations on the anniversary of your big day!

Personalized 50th Wedding Anniversary Category Gold Jewelry/Rings Champagne Gift Baskets
Golden Point 50th Anniversary Plate 18K Gold Woven Engraved Band Champagne Elegance Gift

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