April Fools’ Day Gift Guide

April Fools Gift GuideAs April 1st rolls around, the best pranksters roll up their sleeves and get their comedic brains into high gear. While everyone loves a good joke, it’s important to remember your audience when preparing your April Fools’ Day gifts and gags. But if it’s done with good intentions and doesn’t cause any permanent damage, it’s probably safe to holler out, “April Fools!” as you keel over laughing.


At the Office Gift Ideas

It’s especially important to be wary of your audience at the office. These are the people you have to work with all year. The perfect gag gift could bring the office together while the wrong one might leave you in an awkward situation with some of your colleagues. If you’re not sure whether your office can handle it, start small. Don’t prank the boss, go with a generic gift for everyone and aim for laughs instead of embarrassment. A notepad with funny sayings or a prank pen might be the perfect thing to leave on everyone’s desks. If the prankster inside of you won’t quit until you’ve fooled the boss, consider going in with a group of people and keeping the joke non-work related. If your prank has office-approval, it’s safe to proceed with caution.

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At Home Gift Ideas

At home you’re free to let your pranking instincts run wild. These are the people who accept your sense of humor and probably know what to expect as March winds down and you wind up for your big day. But these are also the people who expect you to know their boundaries and will have no problem holding a grudge. If your wife has a big presentation at work, it’s probably a bad idea to hide her notes as a joke. A prank you can both laugh at is ideal. Also consider small gifts that would make your spouse smile. A hilarious t-shirt where her towel usually hangs or a doormat with a funny saying that he can chuckle at on his way to work are great options.

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At School Gift Ideas

The same rule applies at school that did at the office: don’t prank the boss and don’t prank the teacher. Unless you’re absolutely sure your teacher will laugh and it won’t interfere with his job, it’s probably best to leave the person who decides your grade unharmed. That being said, classmates are fair game! Funny pranks like broken chairs or shocking handshakes are usually well received by the prankee and fellow classmates. If it’s your little one who is heading to school, consider gifting her with a joke book or practical joke kit so she can cause some giggles of her own.

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In Public Gift Ideas

Public gags and gifts are a chance to go big but also require a little more work. Public pranks can often be done anonymously but you still want to be careful not to cause any permanent damage. Rerouting street signs during morning rush hour may be more stressful than hilarious but setting all the alarms to go off at the same time in a clock store could provide a few chuckles. If you want to make a big impact with your public gag, enlist some like-minded friends and pool your ideas and resources. A group of you can hand out gag gifts on a corner or pull off a big stunt at the mall.

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