Attack of the Toilet Monster

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s probably time to start gathering the necessary
items to help you prepare for that annual ghoulish gathering.

Halloween parties usually go one of two ways: scare the pants off your guests or totally
cheese-out on decorations. What if there was a way to combine the two extremes
and scare your guests with just a little bit of cheesiness on the side? The saying may
go, “trick-or-treat,” but what you’re about to accomplish will feel like those worlds have
collided, creating one hideous baby for every goblin and ghoul to love and enjoy.

As the party rolls on and the drinks start flowing, there will be an inevitable rush to the
restroom. Between spiked punch and bloody good cocktails, a decent scare on their way
to the facilities, might just be the trick to sobering them up.

Excited at the thought of finally breaking the seal, they rush into the bathroom, frantically
trying to undo their costume, do their business, and return to the party; however, as soon
as these simple steps have been completed, they lift up the toilet seat, only to be greeted
by the Toilet Monster! Green with grimace, this disgusting toilet monster will not only
startle your guests, but provide them with a good laugh as well. Let’s just hope they can
hold in their laughter long enough to unhook him from the toilet before he becomes the
victim of an unfortunate accident!

Toilet Monster










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