Back to School Gift Guide

No matter their age, your kids can be happy about going back to school with the right gift. Starting a new grade is sometimes as difficult as it is exciting, but there are lots of fun back to school options that will make their first day jitters disappear.

Gift Ideas for Elementary Schoolers (Grades 3-5)

For your daughter, the Personalized Art Set  will make all of her school projects fun. It has
everything she needs to unleash her full creativity, including colored pencils, markers, oil pastels and a
paintbrush. She’ll be happy to carry them to school in her adorable Ladybug Backpack.

Your little man will love showing off his own super cool Personalized Sports Theme Backpack on the first day
of school. Featuring a baseball, a basketball, a football and a soccer ball, this backpack will be worthy of all
of his new school supplies.

If you want to inspire their intellectual curiosity, the Interactive Planet Talking Globe will teach them exciting
facts that they can share in class. They’ll enjoy learning the answers to over 1,000 interesting geography
quiz questions.

Young Artist Essentials Gift Set Personalized Ladybug Backpack Personalized Sports Theme Backpack
Personalized Art Set Ladybug Backpack Sports Backpack

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Gift Ideas for Middle Schoolers (Grades 6-8)

Get your daughter excited for class with some Scented Pens and her very own Writing Journal.
These ballpoint pens come in 10 different scents and all write in classic black ink so she’ll be able to use
them in class. She’ll like using them for note taking in her new custom pink journal.

If your son is looking for a new backpack, choose from a great selecton of stylish Backpacks. It has lots of internal pockets
for top-notch organization and padded shoulder straps for comfort.  He’ll also appreciate the cool Volcom logo on the front.


Scented Pens Personalized Writing Journal Volcom Purma Backpack
Scented Pens Metamorphosis Flip Book Journal Backpacks

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Gift Ideas for High Schoolers (Grades 9-12)

As your daughter gets older, having some new clothes will take precedent over new school supplies. Help
her find her look with a pair of Leopard Print Rubber Rain Boots. She’ll love looking stylish at school on even
the rainiest of days.

Your son will use his new 2-in-1 Sports Earbuds in Red all the time. They can hook securely around his ears
while he works out or he can just use the earbuds when he’s taking the bus to school. He’ll like them so
much that you might have to remind him not to use them in class.

And if you’re suddenly having a harder time getting them up for school? You won’t with the right alarm clock.
As soon as they hit snooze this clock jumps right off of the nightstand and hides somewhere before sounding
the alarm again. They’ll thank you for getting them to school on time. Someday.


Leopard Print Rubber Rain Boots 2-in-1 Sport Earbuds in Red
Leopard Print Rain Boots Sports Earbuds Alarm Clocks

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