Back to School Gifts For College

With summer vacation behind us, college students everywhere are once again trading in the beach for the books, and sleeping in for… well, sleeping in. Back to school season is in full swing; I’ve covered gift ideas for elementary school and high school, but what do you get your college-bound kid? Look to these ideas they’re sure to love and use whether it’s their first year or fifth.

Polka Dot Laundry BagDorm Living
You can’t go wrong with classic gifts that will make campus living easier, like laundry bags, lounge pillows, and shower caddies. But for something a little more unique with “loads” of practicality, try a portable washing machine to save him both a trip to the laundry room and precious money that’s better spent on his meal plan.

Or, opt to go sentimental and fill a picture pocket with photos of family or special places they’ll miss. And by giving him this gift pre-loaded, you’re letting him be sappy without losing face (“Yeah, my mom made me promise never to take this down, plus I’m too lazy to change out the pictures anyway. Isn’t my mom so lame? Ha ha…ha.”)
Laptop Charger

Those all-nighters just might be more productive with these cool gifts. Take the USB mini fridge, for instance, or the USB drink chiller and warmer; both are ingenious ways to keep a cold drink or a jolt of caffeine on hand. This laptop charger makes sure this notebook is powered up for note-taking and paper-writing, and a digital recorder captures every minute of that Chem lecture, even when he doesn’t.

Collegiate Wood Sign
Team Spirit
Those college t-shirts get expensive. Help them show off school pride with collegiate themed robes bedding, mugs, slippers, and even toasters. Go simple with a mascot-themed mouse pad, or deck out an entire dorm room with collegiate carpet tiles. Either way, you’re showing how much you care and gathering major cool points from their roommates, too.

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