Baptism Gift Guide

A baptism is a significant part of an infant’s life or an important turning point in an adult’s life. This admission into Christianity, validated by a ceremonial immersion in Holy water, is typically followed by a celebration with friends and family. This is the time to present the newly baptized with a gift, which should serve a special purpose in the religious life of the receiver.

Gift Ideas for Godson/Goddaughter

The godparents are the most important part of the ceremony – they hold the child being baptized, which represents their spiritual responsibility to the family. A traditional gift is getting the godchild their first bible. This gift is appropriate for either a goddaughter or godson, and will be deeply appreciated by the parents. A children’s edition with colorful illustrations will help the child connect with the teachings of their faith as they grow. If looking for something a little more unique, a Christening Day Personalized Glass Frame engraved with the child’s name and bible verses is a wonderful keepsake for the family.

However, if the godparents want something gender specific, a Freshwater Pearl Baptism Bracelet is a worthwhile investment for a goddaughter, while a Personalized Pewter Cross Necklace is a special gift for a godson. They both represent the ever-lasting spiritual commitment they have to the child.

Christening Day Personalized Glass Frame Simple Freshwater Pearl Baptism Bracelet Personalized Pewter Cross Necklace
Christening Day Frame Freshwater Pearl Bracelet Pewter Cross Necklace

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Gift Ideas for Close Family Friend or Friend

For those attending the ceremony of a close friend, the gifts don’t have to be as serious. Something with religious relevance, like a Guardian Angel Rosary, is a sweet and simple gift that will still serve as a part of the person’s religious growth.A more sentimental baptism gift is a Cross Engraved Worry Stone Set. Every time the person starts to worry, they just rub one of the stones and will remember their faith and you. Another sincere gift that will help them be strong in their newfound faith is a “I Can Do All Things” Keepsake Box. Whenever they have an issue, they can write it down, put it in their box, and turn the matter over to God. This gift could even start a new tradition in their household.

Guardian Angel Rosary Cross Engraved Worry Stone Set "I Can Do All Things" Keepsake Box
Guardian Angel Rosary Cross Worry Stones “I Can Do All Things” Box

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Gift Ideas for a Family Member

A great gift for any family member who gets baptized is a beautiful Promise Wall Cross. They can hang it proudly anywhere in their home to remind them of this joyous religious occasion. This is also another appropriate time to gift a bible, but one that’s not of a child-like nature. This bible will be their personal companion in their new journey as a Christian.A fun gift for a family member is a genuine Leather Prayer Journal. This will give them a personal place to write down their thoughts, troubles, and prayers.

Promise Wall Cross St. Joseph Edition Faux Leather Bible in Brown Christian Prayer Journal with Pen Loop
Promise Wall Cross St. Joseph Edition Bible Prayer Journal
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Gift Ideas for a Boss or Co-worker

If you’ve been invited to the baptism of someone in the office, chances are you’re pretty special to them. Let them know that you feel the same by getting them a Daily Devotions Learning Device. It’s something they can keep in the office, and you can start the day together by listening to a positive message.A Stones of Faith Set is also a great gift for their desk. These little stones can serve as paperweights and also offer uplifting messages that they can read throughout the day. Another great present that they can keep in their office space is an Inspirational Clear Acrylic Clock Plaque. It’s professional, but still personal.

The newly baptized will feel loved and appreciated after receiving any of these gifts. They are all valuable contributions to their special day.

Daily Devotions Life Learning Device Stones of Faith Set Inspirational Clear Desk Clock Plaque
Daily Devotions Life Learning Device Stones of Faith Inspirational Desk Clock Plaque

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