Bar Mitzvah Gift Guide

A Bar Mitzvah is an important coming-of-age ritual for a young man of the Jewish faith. He is becoming an adult member of his religious community, and must accept the important moral responsibilities that come with this new role. Get him a gift that shows him how happy you are to be part of this significant milestone in his life.

Gift Ideas for a Classmate or Friend

If you can gather a group of classmates together, consider a Personalized Celebrations Bar Mitzvah Signature Frame. Opening a huge picture frame covered with all of your congratulatory message will put a huge smile on his face and find a special spot on the wall of his room. Or if he’s a sports lover, have everyone pitch in to buy an Armchair Athlete Gourmet Birthday Sports and Snacks Gift Basket. He’ll love this big basket of fun.

Does the man of the hour have a sense of humor? A book on The Art of Manliness is a friendly gag gift that is perfect for his newfound adulthood. You can flip through it together for a laugh after his big celebration.

 Personalized Celebrations Bar/Bat Mitzvah Signature Frame Armchair Athlete Gourmet Birthday Sports and Snacks Gift Basket The Art of Manliness Classic Skills & Manners for the Modern Man
Personalized Celebrations Signature Frame Athlete’s Sports Gift Basket The Art of Manliness Book

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Gift Ideas for a Family Member

Because the Star of David is such an important symbol of his faith, he’ll treasure a Sterling Star of David
Necklace from anyone in the family. It’s a long lasting keepsake that will remind him of both his Bar Mitzvah
and commitment to the Jewish faith.

Another popular Bar Mitzvah gift is a Torah stand. You can get him a Lucite Torah Stand, with Torah
included, for the important readings and prayer services he will have during the ceremony. It’s beautifully
decorated with spirals of metal and will be a very valuable part of the Bar Mitzvah ceremony.

This is also the perfect occasion for gifting a digital camera. He’ll love capturing all of the important
moments, as well as the party with all of his friends, on a new Canon Powershot G12 Digital Camera.

Sterling Star of David Necklace Lucite Torah Stand Canon PowerShot G12 Digital Camera
Star of David Necklace Torah Stand Powershot G12 Digital Camera

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Gift Ideas for Family Friend or Co-Worker’s Son

The Jerusalem Compass is an interesting gift idea for a family friend or the son of your co-worker. It points
only to Jerusalem from anywhere on the globe, making it a wonderful conversation piece. It can also be
used as a paperweight or home decor. If you’re looking for something a little more fun, a Razor A2 Kick
Scooter will be a good time for him. It’s only 8 pounds so it will be easy for him to take anywhere around
the neighborhood.

If you’re not sure what he likes, an Apple iTunes Gift Card is always a great gift for any young man
celebrating this momentous birthday occasion.

The Jerusalem Compass Razor A2 Kick Scooter Apple iTunes $25 Gift Card
Jerusalem Compass Razor A2 Kick Scooter iTunes Gift Card

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