Beat the Heat

 Deluxe Pool Floating Hammock

Deluxe Pool Floating Hammock

Although summer is winding down, the heat seems to be forging onward, without signs
of stopping anytime soon. So far this year, the United States has had record-breaking
heat waves, showing us that global warming is becoming all too real. With rising sea
levels, floods, heat waves, and droughts, Mother Nature has a sick sense of humor. While
everyone should be doing their part to stop global warming, in the heat of the moment, if
you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

In an effort not to melt, they’re probably inside their home with the AC on freeze mode
and their fans oscillating on high. But where’s the fun in that? Help them take advantage
of those scorching temperatures, while remaining cool as a cucumber, with something
that also gets them out of the igloo. After all, winter is only a few months away.

If they’re lucky enough to have access to a pool, or are close enough to the ocean or a
lake, this Deluxe Pool Floating Hammock is the perfect way to relax and soak up some
sun. Featuring a mesh bed, this hammock allows just enough water in to keep them nice
and comfortable.



Inflatable Floating Cooler Inflatable Floating Cooler

There’s nothing like a refreshing ice-cold beverage to help you stay comfortable when
you’re lazily floating in the pool on hot summer’s day. Instead of forcing them to get
off their raft and make that unbearably hot walk from water to burning concrete, give
them this Inflatable Floating Cooler. Now all of their drinks will be ice cold and an arm’s
length away.




Beach Ball Sprinkler

Beach Ball Sprinkler 

Okay, so they don’t have a pool and live nowhere near the ocean. Not a problem. Kids
can still get wet and wild, with this Beach Ball Sprinkler. Simply hook it up to a water
hose and let kids cool off in style. This colorful beach ball beats conventional sprinklers,
any day!



Battle Water Balloon Pump

So sweltering temperatures are threatening their way of life. Fight back, with a good old-
fashioned water balloon fight. Help them make their ammo faster and easier, with this
Battle Water Balloon Pump. This pump features a Tie-Not Tying Tool to make tying
their balloons, a synch. Let the battles begin!




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