Best Friends Forever

With the exception of New Year’s Eve, all of the family associated holidays have come and gone. For many people, myself included, the holidays means schlepping a handful of presents into a car or on a plane, and heading back to their hometown.

Being home means spending time with family, seeing old friends, maybe helping dad find a last minute gift for mom, and more; essentially spreading yourself thin. As the years have gone on, I’ve done my best not to spread myself thin over the holidays, but alas, it is inevitable. With everyone in town at the same time, it’s impossible not to conduct mini reunions every night of the week. Having been a part of these reunions over the years, I’ve realized that there are only a handful of people that I really care to make time for.

Over dinner with two girl friends this past holiday season, we began talking about these mini reunions and the people we see when we’re back home visiting. Since high school, these ladies and I have all moved away from home and each live in a different city. I began realizing that everything my mother and father had told me about friendship was true: as you get older, you see who your true friends are and are lucky if you can count them one hand. While the three of us don’t talk every day, let alone every month, I still consider them two of my best friends.

Best friends are special, and naturally get bumped up on the priority list (especially during the holidays); they have been there through thick and thin, and will be there if you need them, no matter how far the distance. Here are a few gift ideas to help celebrate this special bond.

Sheltering Tree Friendship Treasure Box


Perfect for small keepsakes, honor her friendship with this handmade Sheltering Tree Friendship Treasure Box.

Friend for Life Mug




Whether her day starts with coffee or tea, this Friend for Life Mug will be a friendly way for her to enjoy her favorite hot beverage day and night.

Tastes Better Wine Stopper




There’s nothing like swapping stories with a friend over a glass of wine. In between gossip and glasses, help her keep her wine fresh, with this Taste Better Wine Stopper.

Friends Storyboard Frame



Surprise her with this Friends Storyboard Frame so she can take one of her favorite moments and cherish it always. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but it’s also worth a thousand memories.




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