Bottle Service for One

Sometimes after a long hard day of work, it’s nice to come home and just relax with a good glass of wine; but let’s be real, one glass often turns into two and two eventually turns into three. The next thing you know, you’ve polished off the whole bottle all by yourself. Another one bites the dust.

Bottle of Wine Glass

Depending on whether they’re keeping their wine chilled or not, refilling their glass often means having to stop what they’re doing, get up, make that inconvenient stroll to the kitchen, then walk back and resume their original position on the couch (and after two glasses, that tiny stroll has the ability of feeling like a hike up hill; the less movement the better). Instead of running back and forth to the kitchen, help them enjoy their TV show, movie, or company, without interruption, and surprise them with this Bottle of Wine Glass.

This oversized wine glass can hold an entire bottle’s worth of wine, making their relaxing, low-key night, that much more satisfying. Cheers!


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