Bridesmaid Gift Guide


These ladies have stuck with you for months of planning and preparing, countless dress fittings and 3am phone calls about whether to get tiger lilies or tulips. It’s time to turn the spotlight on them and thank them for their dedication, support and friendship.


Traditional Gift Ideas

A traditional bridesmaids gift is jewelry that is worn on the day of the wedding and that the girls can go home with and re-wear later. If this is the gift you’re going with, remember to pick something your bridesmaids will actually want to wear again. It doesn’t count if you give huge rhinestone hoops to your friend who only wears simple gold studs. Other day-of accessories you can gift include shoes, purses and shawls/scarves. You can also treat your bridesmaids to pre-wedding mani-pedis; a great way to spend time
with each other and get pretty before the big day. Other traditional gifts include framed photos of the two of you, make-up products and perfume. A great practical gift option would be to help offset some of the bridesmaids’ expenses. Pitching in or picking up the tab for their dresses is often the most helpful thing a bride can do (if it’s within your budget!).

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Indulgent Gift Ideas

If anyone deserves a little indulgence, it’s your hardworking bridesmaids! A great option would be a day of pampering at the spa. You can do this post-wedding to thank the girls for their dedication or pre-wedding to help relieve any stress. The gift of time is the most indulgent gift you can give. Prove to your girls that just because you’re getting married it doesn’t mean you’re done hanging out with them. Arrange for a girls-only shopping weekend or bridal party camping trip after the wedding. Since the wedding will be over, you’ll have time to really dedicate to your ladies and thank them for being there for you through it all. Other indulgent gifts include personalized jewelry, like a photo locket, and gifts that cater to your bridesmaids’ individual interests, like theatre tickets for your Broadway-obsessed bestie.

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Funny Gift Ideas

As serious as all this wedding business is, sometimes it’s important to just have fun! Show off your goofy
side with gifts that will help your bridesmaids forget any bridezilla moments that may have occurred. Put
together a Bridesmaid Survival Kit for the big day complete with stain remover, double-sided tape, flip
flops for dancing and business cards with their number to hand out to attractive groomsmen. You can buy
these kits pre-made or personalize your own kit by making it yourself. Or invite your girls over and hire a
photographer to channel your inner Charlie’s Angels with a ladies-only photo shoot. Keep the focus on you
and your girls instead of just you and your wedding. Finish off the night by gifting funny matching pajamas,
breaking out chocolate and ice cream, and settling in to watch Bridesmaids as preparation for the big day!

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