Bring on the Rain

Already a week into autumn and winter not far away, it’s almost time to dust off that old
umbrella and start dodging puddles. It also might be time to just buy a new one, because
we all know that most umbrellas never make it through the season without turning inside
out and breaking from one gust of wind.

Finding the perfect umbrella can be a challenge; you wonder, is it sturdy enough? Can it
handle that gust of wind and not crumble under the pressure? Does it actually cover the
area around me? Could another person fit under here if they wanted? Thankfully, there’s
a solution for all of these concerns.

Let’s say you’re one half of a full. If you’re short like me, sharing an umbrella with
another person is awful, because one person isn’t getting full coverage (usually me), or
one person is getting poked in the eye (usually them). Whether you’re kind enough to
share your umbrella with your mom, girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, friend, or whoever,
this Double Umbrella will solve their problems.

With its reinforced frame and durable water repellant canopy, this umbrella is the perfect
rainy day accessory for any twosome!

Double Umbrella









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