Cheer Anyone Up with These Genius Gifts

It’s not always easy to turn a bad day around, as anyone who has woken  up on the wrong side of the bed can attest. Even the most innocuous  occurrences suddenly seem annoying, the friendliest people turn sour  and the happiest faces appear gloomy. The good news is that there are  plenty of great gifts that will boost their mood and put a smile on  their face.

Instant Happy Notes


A funny quote, a silly joke, a quirky thought…you never know what  might be the catalyst that changes their day for the better. With this  book of Instant Happy Notes, anything is possible. It’s full of 101  sticky notes that will make even the dreariest day a little brighter.


Smiling Flower Cookie Gift Box



What’s better than a box of cookies? Try cookies that smile! This  box contains a whopping 24 sugar cookies shaped like flowers and wearing  their happiest faces. Naturally, packaging is everything, and these  delightful cookies are all nestled inside a pretty flower bag. In a  whole rainbow of colors, they’re bound to make anyone smile.


A-DOG-able Flowers in a Basket



There’s a reason it’s known as man’s best friend. This A-DOG-able  Flowers in a Basket conjures up the cutest image of a little pup peering  out at his new owner from a forest of colorful blooms. Nestled in a  reusable basket, it’s pretty much the perfect pick-me-up.


"Want To Feel Rich" Box Sign



“If you want to feel rich, just count all the gifts you have  that money can’t buy.” Sometimes a little reminder is all it takes. This Want to Feel Rich Box Sign accents any space with its artsy look  and motivational quote, and it can be hung or placed on a surface.


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