Christmas Gift Guide for Grandparents


Christmas is the perfect time of year to remind grandparents of the special bond they share with their grandchildren. A sentimental or practical gift will accomplish this goal on Christmas morning and throughout the year as grandma or grandpa cherish a token of holiday giving from a beloved grandchild. Whether you are a parent helping your child select a gift for a grandparent or a grandchild looking for the perfect item for grandma or grandpa, the right Christmas gift will make the day as special as your love.


Gift Ideas for Grandma

Grandmothers are notorious for being proud of their grandchildren. A gift that celebrates each one of them
in a touching way will become a treasured keepsake for this important woman in your family’s life. A Family
Tree Birthstone Pendant will allow grandma to keep each of her grandchildren close to her heart with the
birthstone of each child beautifully set in this ornate piece of jewelry.

If you are helping your young child make a Christmas gift selection for his or her grandmother, a”Grandkids”
Photo Holder is a lovely yet affordable gift that grandma will enjoy every time she has a new photo of the
grandchildren to display. A Silver 3 Opening Frame is another affordable gift idea that will allow her to
proudly show off family photos.

As you look for a Christmas gift for your grandma that will be sure to express your love for her, think about
all of the good times you have shared together. A Personalized I/We Heart 2 Sided Glass Block provides a
way to tell your grandma you love her on Christmas and every day of the year. For a gift your grandma will
find handy and useful, a Select-a-Spice White Carousel will help her organize all of her herbs and spices,
whether she is using them for Christmas cookies or Sunday dinners.

Christening Day Personalized Glass Frame Silver 3 Opening Frame Select-a-Spice White Carousel
Family Tree Birthstone Pendant Three Opening Frame Spice Carousel

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Gift Ideas for Grandpa

All of the grandchildren will be just as excited as grandpa on Christmas morning when he unwraps a 1940’s
Retro Candy Gift Box. He will fondly remember years gone by as he sorts through the wide variety of candy
from decades gone by.

For the young child with a limited Christmas gift budget, a World’s Greatest Grandpa T-Shirt is a gift that
doesn’t cost a lot but is a lasting reminder to grandpa of how much he is loved. Another gift idea that will be
a constant reminder of how much his grandchild loves him is a Number One Grandpa Engraved Sculpture.
This beautiful memento can be personalized with a special message, and will look great on a desk, bookshelf
or mantle.

If you are a grandchild who cherishes special activities like gardening or fishing with your grandpa,
the perfect Christmas gift will provide a way for him to display photos of those heartfelt times spent
together. A Personalized My Grandpa Frame will hold treasured pictures and can be personalized with your
special name for him. For the grandfather who loves to curl up at home in front of the TV during football
season,ComfyFeet NFL Sneaker Slippers make a fun and useful gift for game days. These cozy slippers will
also make him think of you every time he slips them on his feet.

1940's Retro Candy Gift Box Number One Grandpa Engraved Sculpture ComfyFeet NFL Sneaker Slippers
1940’s Retro Candy Gift Box #1 Grandpa Sculpture NFL Sneaker Slippers

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