Christmas Gift Guide For Kids

Christmas Gifts for kid

There’s no question that Christmas was made for kids! The lights, the decorations and the festivities delight them at any age, whether they’re a few months old or on the verge of adulthood. The perfect present is a fun way to add even more magic to a child’s holiday. Here are some great gift ideas to put under the Christmas tree for the youngsters in your life.


Gift Ideas for Babies

There are so many wonderful toys for babies—items that will bring them joy and help with their sensory development. This Buzzing Through Book is soft to the touch and filled with rhymes, mirrors, rustling items and other features that encourage curiosity and self discovery. Or, you can make bath time extra fun for them with the Baby Bath Duckie Set! Three squirting ducks promote water play (and giggles!) and the two floaters will amuse them while they splash around.

For tots over 6 months old, try a set of City Toy Stacking Blocks. Blocks never go out of style, and for good reason: tots love to stack ‘em up, knock ‘em down, and do any number of creative things with them. And these blocks are so colorful, they’ll be visually engaging, too!

Buzzing Through Book Baby Bath Duckie Set City Toy Stacking Blocks
Buzzing Through Book Bath Duckie Set City Stacking Blocks

For more ideas, visit Developmental Toys.

Gift Ideas for Little Kids

Gift giving for young children is a blast—and probably easier than any other age group. Your biggest challenge will be choosing something from the many options available to you. Here’s one that should provide hours of fun, exercise large motor skills, and possibly even inspire a young Chopin: The World’s Biggest Piano Mat. Made of sturdy vinyl, it’s a piano designed to be stomped on, and features 8 instrument sounds and 4 touch-sensitive play modes. Best of all, it’s something anyone can enjoy—boy or girl, bookish or sporty, musically inclined or not. For ages 3 and up.

Creative minds will find endless opportunities to build upon their imagination with the 114 Piece Intermediate Magneatos Magnetic Construction Set. Magnetic pieces in primary colors are built super-strong and go together in a wide variety of ways to create any geometric shape kids can dream up. For something a little more crafty, how about the Make Your Own 9 Block Puzzle? The young artist can use the included paints, brushes and colored pencils to decorate each piece. Both of these are great for kids over age 5.

Wrap up the Stormy Seas Balancing Game when you want to give the gift of family fun! Kids as young as 4 can try to place the 25 cargo pieces just so to keep the pirate ship from tipping over. Parents, siblings, friends and other family members will enjoy playing along—and maybe learn a thing or two about the fine art of balance as well.

World's Biggest Piano Mat 114 Piece Intermediate Magneatos Magnetic Construction Set Stromy Sea Balancing Game
Piano Mat Magneatos Construction Set Stormy Sea Balancing Game

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Gift Ideas for Tweens

Tween boys and girls still like to have fun, but prefer gifts that also speak to their growing independence. Busy bodies will appreciate the Razor Sole Skate Board: the cool design will appeal to their maturing tastes, plus it’s got the sturdy wheels necessary for smooth motion on their way to school, soccer practice or anywhere else they’re headed. And while they’re on the go, they can keep in touch with their buddies with this set of 2-Way Watch Radios. They fit on the wrist for convenience and ease of use, and allow communication up to 1.5 miles apart.

If you’re shopping for pre-teens who love the natural world, this Hermit Crab Habitat fits the bill nicely. It comes with everything necessary to create a healthy environment in which the crustaceans will thrive, and includes a coupon to send away for five hermit crabs once the terrarium is ready. Lots of learning will occur as they watch the creatures grow and interact, and having to take care of these unique pets will be a lesson in responsibility, too.

The Room Tidying Pickup Robot won’t necessarily make your tween enjoy cleaning his or her room, but it will provide endless amusement! Remote control operated, it’s designed to pick up toys, socks and other items and deliver them anywhere directed. It also has an automatic mode whereby it will collect items it detects within 8-12 inches.

Razor Sole Skate Board 2-Way Watch Radios The Room Tidying Pickup Robot
Razor Sole Skate Board 2-Way Watch Radios Room Tidying Pickup Robot

For more ideas, visit Trendy Games.

Gift Ideas for Teens
For teenagers, more sophisticated gift-giving is in order. For example, a teenage girl will love this simple, tasteful and beautiful Personalized Name and Birthstone Heart Charm Bracelet. It will go with everything in her wardrobe, and because it has her name and birthstone, it’s also sweetly (but not overly) sentimental. The handsome Men’s Invicta Quartz Diver Watchis rugged enough for outdoor adventures, but stylish enough to be worn in town as well, making it the perfect timepiece for any teenage boy.Speaking of time… You can help the teenager in your life stay on schedule with the Rivet Robot Alarm Clock. It’s hip, it’s cool and it’s completely practical for teenage boys who might otherwise sleep the day away. Day or night, teenage girls will sleep in comfort and style with the Ditsy Crest Open Neck Sleep Tee.Super-soft with an elegant design on the front, it’s great for bedtime and lounging both.

Personalized Name and Birthstone Heart Charm Bracelet Men's Invicta Quartz Diver Watch Rivet Robot Alarm Clock
Name and Birthstone Heart Bracelet Invicta Divers Watch Robot Alarm Clock

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