Christmas Gift Guide for Parents

Christmas for Parents

For the people who raised you and created your childhood Christmas memories; now it’s your turn to give back! But what would mom, dad and your in-laws want to unwrap this season?


Gift Ideas for Moms

The matriarch of the family is all about showing off her beautiful brood. Help her impress her friends with
the Family Personalized Digital Picture Frame. Even if your mom isn’t the most tech-savvy, you can load the
pictures for her and all she needs to do is display it!

Or maybe she prefers taking her own photos. Now mom can capture all of her own memories with a Fujifilm
FinePix XP150 Digital Camera in Black. This one was made for her. It’s waterproof, shockproof and
freezeproof. Bring it on Mama!

If your mom enjoys a cup of tea more than any woman you know, try a Tea Sampler Gift Set. She’ll
appreciate the thoughtful gift, definitely get a lot of use out of it, and maybe even find a new favorite!

Family Personalized Digital Picture Frame Fujifilm FinePix XP150 Digital Camera in Black Tea Sampler Gift Set
Family Digital Picture Frame Fujifilm XP150 Digital Camera Tea Sampler Set

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Gift Ideas for Dads

Is your dad a bookworm? Bring him into this century with a Kindle Wireless Reading Device. After you set
it up with his favourite reads and give him a quick lesson, it’ll be hard to get him to put this practical gift

If your dad is living out the epitome of retirement by hitting the golf course every day, he’ll definitely
appreciate Golf Ball of the Month Club. Every month he’ll receive a top of the line sleeve of golf balls. He’ll
thank you every time he tees a new ball up at the course.

While your dad might be getting on in age, there’s no reason he can’t have as much fun as a kid! Let him
unleash his inner speed demon with a Racecar Speedway Ride Along. Car racing fans will absolutely love this
once in a lifetime experience.

Kindle Reading Device Golf Ball of the Month Club
Kindle Reading Device Golf Ball of the Month Club Racecar Speedway Ride Along

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Gift Ideas for In-Laws

Most people tremble at the thought of having to present a gift to their hard-to-please in-laws. Prove it’s not
that hard by trying out these fool-proof ideas:

If you don’t see your in-laws often, odds are they miss you and your family. Let them know they’re still
important members of the family with a Personalized 12 Photo Calendar. They’ll be able to proudly show off
their loved ones every month of the year.

If you’re stumped on what they would want, look at what they might need. Are your in-laws caffeine
addicts? Upgrade their morning coffee routine with the Red Metallic Kalorik Programmable 12 Cup Coffee
Maker. This easy-to-use machine will make their morning joe that much more delicious.

Want to win brownie points as best daughter/son-in-law of the year? Send your in-laws on a mini-vacation!
A Bed & Breakfast Gift Certificate is a thoughtful gift and a great experience for your spouse’s parents.

Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas to all!

Personalized 12 Photo Calendar Red Metallic Kalorik Programmable 12 Cup Coffee Maker Bed & Breakfast Gift Certificate
12 Photo Calendar Kalorik Coffee Maker Bed & Breakfast Gift Certificate

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