Christmas Gift Guide for Stocking Stuffers


Stories of Christmas past tell of families hanging their stockings by the fireplace to dry. When Old St. Nick came down the chimney, he would leave little presents in the hanging socks. To this day we hang stockings at Christmas time and fill them with small-sized, inexpensive gifts for our loved ones.


Gift Ideas for Her

Bath and body products are the perfect stocking stuffers for the lady in your life. They’re tiny, inexpensive and allow her to indulge in well-deserved pampering. The Scented Bath Salts Bottle Favor is less than $5, but the thoughtful gift and beautiful packaging are priceless!

Since you can’t be around 24/7 to keep her hands warm, give her something that can. The Snowflake Gel Hand Warmer is practical, seasonal and cute. She’ll keep her hands toasty all winter long with the reusable gel packs.

While it isn’t necessary to include a big gift in her stocking, what woman doesn’t love surprises? Especially when that surprise is jewelry! Go above and beyond by surprising her with Calla Lily Earrings with Pearls. These beautiful earrings will make stockings more sentimental than silly.

Scented Bath Salts Bottle Favor Snowflake Gel Hand Warmer Calla Lilly Earrings with Pearls
Scented Bath Salts Gel Hand Warmers Calla Lilly Pearl Earrings

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Gift Ideas for Him

Use this opportunity to buy something your man needs but will never buy himself. Is he always losing his car keys? Put the Whistle Key Finder into his stocking this Christmas! He’ll laugh at first but will be thanking you later when he saves hours of searching.

While they don’t always show it, guys need some TLC too. Show him you care with Kiehls Ultimate After Shave Balm and Moisturizer. This rich soothing cream will make his morning routine, and his face, that much smoother!

Personalize his stocking stash by adding something you know he’ll love. If your guy is always hitting the golf course, why not get him a Roman Monogrammed Golf Ball? Let him impress the guys at the club by carrying around a personalized golf ball, courtesy of you!

Whistle Key Finder Men's After Shave Roman Monogrammed Golf Ball
Whistle Key Finder Ultimate After Shave Balm Monogrammed Golf Ball

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Gift Ideas for Teens

The mystery of Santa may have worn off, but Christmas joy hasn’t! Inspire your teen to continue with his/her passions by gifting them helpful accessories. Is your guitar-obsessed son always losing his picks? Buy Magnetic Guitar Picks! They’re inexpensive, handy and he can stick them to his microphone while he’s rocking out.

Let your wannabe-make-up artist get inspired with the Eye Candy Book. This beautifully illustrated book of 55 different looks will teach her eye make-up techniques. This gift is the perfect blend of fun and grown-up – just right for a teen!

Regardless of age and interests, everyone loves candy, especially teenagers! Feel free to stuff your teen’s stocking full of delicious treats. Try branching out with unique options like Warhead Super Sour Candy Canes or adorable Gingerbread Swirl Pops.

Magnetic Guitar Picks Eye Candy Book Gingerbread Swirl Pops
Magnetic Guitar Picks Eye Candy Book Gingerbread Swirl Pops

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Gift Ideas for Kids
For kids, the best part of winter is racing downstairs on Christmas morning to tear into presents and dive into the stockings. Start things off on a fun note by including inexpensive toys and activities in your child’s stocking. The Doodlebugz Doodlebag is filled with all the crafting supplies your little one will need to be ready for school in January. Driving out to grandma’s house for Christmas dinner? Fill your child’s stocking with something they can play on the way. Holiday Magnetic Travel Games is a great option that will keep them entertained on long rides without losing pieces every time you make a turn. Chances are your child will receive lots of toys this Christmas season. But is that what Christmas is really about? Teach them about the importance of giving and family with the children’s book Llama Llama Holiday Drama. Stuff those stockings and Merry Christmas!

Doodlebugz Doodlebag Travel  Game Llama Llama Holiday Drama
Doodlebugz Doodlebag Magnetic Travel Games. Llama Llama Holiday Drama

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