Christmas Ornaments off the Beaten Path

Now that Thanksgiving is over and has graciously paved the way for Christmas to set-up shop, it’s time to store those autumn decorations for another year and start embracing the red, white, and green.

With so many amazing Christmas decorations out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Where does one even begin? Do you start with the lights on the roof? Stockings hung over the fireplace? A wreath on the door? A tree perhaps? No, the first place to start is with the ornaments! After all, what good is a tree if it’s standing there naked in the living room?
Pet Print Ornament Kit
Christmas ornaments aren’t just items you hang on a tree, they’re keepsakes that can be passed down from generation to generation. Most ornaments feature snowmen, stockings, Santa Claus, gingerbread men, and other traditional items associated with Christmas. This year, help them decorate their tree with some new keepsakes that are less traditional and more unique. Here are a few ornament ideas to give their tree a little facelift!

Sadly, pets don’t live as long as we’d like; thankfully, they can immortalize Fido or Fluffy forever, with this Pet Print Ornament Kit.

Bacon Ornament



As I mentioned in a previous blog, the Baconapocolypse is a genuine fear for lovers of this savory meat. Help them honor their favorite breakfast food, with this Bacon Ornament. While it’s not the real deal, they can look at this glittery strip of bacon as it dangles for the limbs of their Christmas tree and think about all of the good meals they shared together.

I Can Explain Ornament




We can’t all make the nice list. If your friends or family members have been less than perfect this year, they may need this, “I Can Explain” Ornament. Santa is a pretty understanding guy, so this ornament might be the right tool to set things straight with the man up north.

GIANTmicrobes Christmas Ornaments Gift Set




Well, they don’t get more unique than this, folks. Whether they’re science buffs or not, this GIANTmicrobes Christmas Ornament Gift Set is a hilarious way to help them decorate their tree. Featuring Penicillin, Salmonella, Red Blood Cell, Dust Mite and Green Amoeba, these microbes have gotten into the holiday spirit, sporting antlers, snowflakes, holly, and more. Their tree will never be the same again.

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