Christmas Shopping For a Teenage Girl

My little girl just turned 15. I guess she’s not so little anymore! Sometimes, I wonder if she’s given up being a girl, too. Her favorite color is black, and she’s more interested in playing video games than heading to the mall to try on clothes. Make-up, accessories and music are out. So what’s in? Even when I ask her what she wants, she gives me a bland shrug and mumbles something eloquent like, “I dunno.” It’s all right, I appreciate the challenge. It forces me to get a little creative at gift-giving time.

Even if she doesn’t like shopping for clothes, she still has to wear them. And since she’s smart, too, I know she’ll appreciate clever t-shirts like this one:


In fact, I could probably buy her a week’s worth of t-shirts that will appeal to her inner geek:


She loves video games, but she can’t chase Pokemon all day long. For those rare times when her friends lure her away from the controller to the beach or the pool, she can still remind everyone about her passion:


And even though she doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry, she does appreciate the occasional quirky piece. I’m sure this pendant, which actually functions as an actual sundial, is sure to fascinate her.


It’ll go great with the Pi shirt…


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