Confirmation Gift Guide


The sacrament of Confirmation is a rite in Christian churches that signifies a renewal of faith, and full, adult membership in the congregation. When choosing a gift for the Confirmed, pick something that shows you recognize what an important change they’ve made in their spiritual life.

Gift Ideas for a Son/Daughter

Confirmation is a milestone in a young person’s life. If it’s your child’s big day, consider this an opportunity to get them something that they will treasure for the rest of their life. A 14k Gold Confirmation Medal is a traditional memento that will show your son how much you care about his faith, and respect his decision to become a Confirmed member of the church. For your daughter, a beautiful mixed metal Christian Charm Bracelet is a perfect keepsake that gives her a stylish way for her to express her faith and will go with anything she wants to wear.

You can also get either a son or a daughter a Family Bible, which is a religious necessity for everyone in the household, and a beautiful addition to the family room. Its heirloom quality also makes it perfect to pass down to future generations.

Small Confirmation Medal Ultimate Faith Inspirational Religious Christian Charm Bracelet Catholic Deluxe Family Bible in Burgundy
14k Gold Medal Christian Charm Bracelet Catholic Family Bible

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Gift Ideas for a Friend’s Son/Daughter
When it comes to someone else’s son or daughter, a Confirmation Blessing Plaque is a present that they can proudly hang in their room. The blessing written on the plaque – “May Truth be your guiding star and may the Word of God always be your most trusted counsel and your heart’s greatest treasure” – is a wonderful reminder of the dedication they have made to their faith.Looking for something more gender specific? A Seraphim Heart Vase full of red roses is a beautiful gift for a young girl since red is the representative color of Confirmation, while a Cross Tie Pin is a nice accessory for a young man to modestly display his faith and commitment.

A Confirmation Blessing Plaque Seraphim Heart Vase Cross Tie Pin with Rhinestone Accents
Confirmation Plaque Seraphim Heart Vase Cross Tie Pin

Gifts Ideas for a Confirmation Sponsor

Your confirmation sponsor has worked just as hard as you have to prepare for your big day. A sponsor’s responsibility is great – it is their job to guide the confirmed through their religious journey – so show your appreciation with a gift like a Gourmet Thank You Gift Basket full of their favorite goodies and snacks. They’ll also value a Confirmation Sponsor Paperweight for their desk or a Personalized Gold Metal Frame that holds a picture of the two of you – both are great tokens of appreciation and reminders of your time spent together.

Earnest Thanks Gourmet Thank You Gift Basket Personalized Confirmation Sponsor Paperweight Personalized Confirmation Gold Metal Frame
Gourmet Gift Basket Confirmation Sponsor Paperweight Confirmation Metal Frame

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Gift Ideas from the Sponsor of the Confirmed

As the confirmation sponsor, you should get your newly confirmed follower something that has a personal touch. For boys, consider a Personalized Black Onyx Rosary with a Personalized Rosary Box. A rosary is an important item for any Confirmed member of the church to have, and he’ll always appreciate the look of the onyx stones. For girls, a Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Cross and Heart Necklace is an age appropriate piece of jewelry that she’ll love to wear.

Boy's Personalized Black Onyx Rosary Personalized Rosary Box Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Cross and Heart Necklace
Black Onyx Rosary Rosary Box Sterling Silver Cross Necklace

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