Crazy For You: Gifting Your Way Out Of The Comfort Zone

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone showed their love and affection for one another the way they do on Valentine’s Day? After the heart-shaped candy is removed from store shelves, and the romantic red and pink cards are tucked away, it’s nice to be reassured that he’s still crazy for you the way he is on Valentine’s Day. Face it guys, women liked to be romanced year round.

Honeymoon Phase Ends

Long after Valentine’s Day passes and the honeymoon phase ends, we find ourselves stuck in what’s known as the “comfort zone.” While the comfort zone is unavoidable in any relationship, you shouldn’t take advantage of this by needing an excuse like a holiday to express how you feel.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

It never hurts to surprise your loved one with a little something that says, “I’m still crazy about you, flaws and all.” Something as simple as a bouquet of flowers will do the trick; however, if you want to get more creative and find something unique to her personality, then you’ve come to the right place. Discover simple gift ideas that will let her know exactly how you feel, whether it’s February 14th, or June 19th, with this helpful gift guide:


This adorable, Custom Reasons Why I Love You Book, is a great way to express the exact reasons why you love her, giving new meaning to the phrase, “let me count the ways.”


Nothing says, “I’m still crazy for you,” quite like this Light My Fire Match Paperweight. This quirky paperweight reads, “You light my fire,” assuring her that you definitely still have the hots for her.


If she has a sweet tooth like most women, she’ll love this unexpected Gigantic Sweet Hearts White Chocolate Fortune Cookie. This oversized fortune cookie can be personalized with a loving message that lets them know just how fortunate you are to have them in your life.


When in doubt, surprise her with jewelry

This Sterling Silver Cursive Love Necklace speaks for itself. Let this darling cubic zirconia Love Necklace be a daily reminder of how crazy you are about her.

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