Earth Day Gift Ideas

Earth Day: No longer reserved for crunchy treehuggers, this holiday is one with loads of gift options to help anyone on your list live a greener, earth-friendlier life. If anyone you now is still toting around plastic baggies or bottles, come to the rescue with some of these options below.

Out and About

A classic eco-friendly gift is the humble but mighty reusable water bottle, reducing the use of nasty plastics and helping them live a healthier lifestyle to boot. Browse our generous selection of personalized and thoughtful water bottles, from a futuristic smart bottle to simple and professional aluminum versions, to kid-friendly and cute ones.

HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle

Jungle Animals Drinking Bottle

Another popular choice is the reusable grocery tote that, these days, are so trendy and hip that they’re practically a fashion accessory. Go with a classic brand like Envirosax; you can buy bags individually or in a five-piece set, like this one in groovy patterns or this adorable Sesame Street set. If they insist on standing out from a crowd, opt for this market bag made from recycled rice bags by fair trade workers. Introduce them to the world of farmer’s markets, then slip them these produce bags that’ll keep their cukes and artichokes fresh.

Envirosax Rolling Stone Reusable Shopping TotesPink Recycled Rice Bag Wave Tote

 Around the House

Sure, they can buy more knick knacks from their local big box store. Or, they can fill their home with meaningful recycled or upcycled items with a story. This flip flop mat is made from recycled foam rubber to reduce (and cushion) their footprint. Or reach for this artsy vase  or bowl made from recycled magazine paper.

Ecological Cool Recycled Paper Vase

Recycled Magazine Paper Basket

Already got an earth-lover on your hands? Help them get to the next step with hardcore composting. This compost pail is made of stainless steel and provides 2 charcoal filters. Or go for unique, like with this cork apron handmade from recycled cork.

Gallon Stainless Steel Compost Pail with 2 Charcoal Filters

Two-Tone Cork Apron

Whatever you  settle on, you can trust that your gift is making a difference not just in a friend’s life but in the livelihood of our planet. Mother Earth would be proud.

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