Election Day Party Must-Haves

Halloween has come and gone, but thankfully there’s another occasion full of fun and potentially frightful surprises: Election Day. Whether you live in a blue state or red or lean left or right, you can still host a viewing party worthy of guests from both sides of the aisle. Keep it lighthearted with these supplies in mind.

Start a standee ovation. Pull a few strings and have the guests of honor make an appearance. Mr. President himself would be happy to oblige, as well as his adoring wife; VPOTUS isn’t far behind. Romney might just pull out his Gangnam Style dance again, but it may take a fair amount of coaxing.

Romney Standee

Obama Podium Standee











Romney Toliet Paper

Set out two-party two-ply.  Stock your bathroom with essentials, like Democratic Party toilet paper or Republican Party toilet paper.  Keep a roll of both in each bathroom and have friends choose which way they wipe. Have they personal grievances? Go for Obama TP or Romney TP instead.



Political Party Steak Branding Irons




Grill the candidates. Or at least the steaks. Have one last hurrah with your Weber before letting it hibernate for the winter. Watching poll results works up an appetite, so fill guests’ bellies with well done, medium-rare, or “social security-rare” steaks branded with Democratic and Republican branding irons, of course.



Obama Nail Clippers



Expect a nail-biter. As the numbers come in, take advantage of the suspense and hand out these nail clippers. If it’s liquor that calms the nerves, set out can coolers (in Republican and Democrat designs, of course).


Political Ice Pack




Celebrate the United States of a migraine. By night’s end, there will be cheers, jeers, celebration and commiseration. Send guests home with these political ice packs that remind the American people of the real issues.


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