First Communion Gift Guide


In the Catholic Church, Communion is the symbolic act of receiving the presence of Christ in the form of consecrated bread and wine. When selecting a gift for someone’s First Holy Communion, choose something that will commemorate this important religious fulfillment and celebrate their newfound connection with God.

Gift Ideas for Your Son or Daughter

The typical attire for little girls receiving their First Communion is a white dress, veil, and gloves. They might
get more excited about dressing up than about the actual sacrament, so remind them what this special day
truly means with a religious accessory like the Child Keepsake Pearl and Sparkle Bracelet. The equivalent for
a little boy, a Sterling Silver Engraved St. Michael Medal Pendant – personalized with his name and the date
of the sacrament, will serve as the perfect complement to his fancy First Communion attire.

Because they will likely be receiving many cards and gifts, a Personalized First Communion Memory Box is a
great present for them to use to hold all of their newly prized possessions after the ceremony.

Child Keepsake Pearl & Sparkle Bracelet Sterling Silver Engraved St. Michael Medal Pendant Personalized First Communion Memory Box
Pearl and Sparkle Bracelet St. Michael Medal Pendant First Communion Memory Box

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Gift Ideas for Your Godson or Goddaughter

As the godparent and, therefore, the person responsible for the child’s religious education, you will want to
consider something that will have considerable religious meaning for the boy or girl receiving the sacrament.
A Roman Cross Tie Clip is an appropriate gift for your godson. He’ll feel like a big boy in his Sunday best.
For your goddaughter, give her a picture of herself and her closest friends in their beautiful white dresses in
a Girls Holy Communion Frame that she can put right by her bedside.

A Personalized First Communion Full Size Blanket is a wonderful gift for boys or girls. The personalized
embroidery with the date of their First Communion will serve as a long-term reminder of this special day.
This is also the kind of gift that will get passed down through the family for generations.


Roman Cross Tie Clip Girls Holy Communion Frame Personalized First Communion Full Size Blanket
Roman Cross Tie Clip Holy Communion Frame First Communion Blanket

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Gift Ideas for a Family Friend

When shopping for a family friend’s First Communion, get something fun like an Angel in the Garden
CookiePot Bouquet. Made up of sugar and chocolate chip cookies, it’s a tasty arrangement that the whole
family will enjoy. Consider including an endearing novelty item, like a Personalized First Communion Teddy
Bear, that the kids can say their prayers with before bedtime.

You can also get them a Congratulations Candles Visa Gift Card with the amount of your choice for their own
celebratory shopping spree.


Angel in the Garden CookiePot Bouquet Personalized First Communion Teddy Bear $100 Congratulations Candles Visa Gift Card
CookiePot Bouquet First Communion Teddy Bear Visa Gift Card

Gift Ideas for a Family Member
If you’re gift shopping for a family member, it’s a good idea to get a gift that is more traditional. A
Personalized First Communion Cross is a respectful keepsake for the communicant’s room. But if you like to
get gifts that are more playful, get your female family member a First Communion Personalized Magazine
Cover. She’ll be thrilled to have the news of her accomplishment featured on the cover of a magazine made
just for her. For the boys, there’s a Personalized First Communion Boy’s Sweatshirt that they’ll be proud to
wear after the big ceremony. It’s thoughtful, sweet and customized especially for him.