Gag Gifts for the Lingering House Guest

There’s always that one friend or relative that takes advantage of your kindness and overstays their welcome a little too often. They waltz into your home as if they’ve just booked a five-night, all expense paid stay at the Ritz-Carlton. They’re appreciative of your kindness, but really they’re just taking advantage of you night after night. Let’s face it, you should be charging them at this point!


While we love our friends and family members dearly, everyone has their limitations, and sadly for them, this limit has been reached. Help out everyone’s favorite host or hostess get back to a time before their intrusive guests took over, by making their stay feel a little less like a resort, and a little more like seedy college dorm. With these less than welcoming gag gifts, their guests are sure to take refuge at someone else’s place, next time!

No S**T Toilet Paper


Some folks bring their own reading material into the facilities, but with this No *&! Toilet Paper, they not only provide their guest with reading material, but a subtle hint as well.


Blood Bath Shower Curtain




There’s nothing more relaxing than a nice hot shower on someone else’s dime. Make sure they have a bloody good time bathing, with this Blood Bath Shower Curtain. This disturbing curtain will make them do a double take before hopping in to wash off!



Poop Soap

Once they’re in the shower, officially creeped out by the new blood-stained-looking curtain, their alone time will become increasingly more uncomfortable, when they notice what appears to be poop in the shower with them. Little do they know this is no ordinary poop, it’s Poop Soap! With all the makings of digested food, this sneaky turd is merely a means of getting clean.


With items so disgusting and disturbing, in a room focused on personal time and space, their guests will definitely think twice before knocking on their door again!


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