Get in Shape with These Healthy Finds

Ask any woman who’s got a beach trip on the agenda this summer: getting  fit is high on her to-do list right now. Between the increased cardio  and strength workouts, the renewed focus on diet, the general avoidance  of all things delicious…well, it’s a feat much easier said than done.  Obviously it’s not impossible, though, and these helpful products will  make her goal even easier to achieve.

The Biggest Loser 4-6 Lbs Sculpt and Burn Kit


The Biggest Loser is one of the biggest shows on television for a reason: the contestants  see results with hard work and dedication. In that spirit, the Sculpt  and Burn Kit inspired by the show includes everything needed to see  similar effects, from a weighted water ball to a fat-blasting jump rope.


Thirsty Microfiber Yoga Mat Towel


Yoga fanatics will appreciate the practicality of the Gaiam Thirsty  Microfiber Yoga Mat Towel. Not only is it soft and absorbent, it’s also  perfectly sized for her workout and easy to throw into the washing machine  after she’s completed an intense session.

345 Step Distance and Calorie Pedometer



It’s important to keep track of those nitty-gritty details, like distance  traveled and calories burned. This Sportline 345 Step Pedometer is perfect  for avid athletes who routinely pound the pavement and want to monitor  their progress closely.

High-Step Club Aerobic Stepper


Forget the costly gym membership – the High-Step Club Aerobic Stepper  makes a great addition to an intensive at-home workout. It adjusts to  12-and-a-half inches high and is perfect for boosting the intensity  of any session, whether it’s used with a video, a self-taught plyometrics  routine or light weight work.



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