Gift Baskets for the New Year’s Eve Host

Headed to someone else’s shindig to ring in the new year? Don’t even think about going empty handed! You don’t want to be known as the only person in the room who forgot to thank the host in kind. Here are a few thoughtful gift baskets that they’ll enjoy for weeks to come.

Decanter Set with Big Red Cheddar Cheese

Just beautiful! This elegant Decanter Set includes a 40 ounce decanter with a shapely silhouette – on its own enough to garner a few complements – and six 10 ounce goblets, which bear a pretty frosted berry-and-leaves pattern. Not only is it perfectly festive, it also looks stunning on any tabletop! Finishing it off is a large slab (a whopping 1 ¼ pounds, to be precise) of creamy, full-bodied cheddar cheese. Lay a tray of crackers by its side and watch it all disappear.

Tuscan Trattoria Gift Set





If you know that one of their resolutions is to avoid the drive thru and whip up a few more home-cooked meals, this Tuscan Trattoria gift set could be the perfect thing! Inside a gleaming stainless steel colander are a variety of Italian ingredients, including two types of pasta, two traditional sauces, chocolate chip biscotti and a bottle of Banfi Col di Sasso, a wonderful ruby red wine they’ll want to put on ice immediately.

Great American Brew Gift Basket


Not all parties require wine and cheese, of course. If your plan involves sitting on the couch with your closest friends and watching the ball drop on TV, the Great American Brew Gift Basket is the perfect complement to the evening’s festivities. Included are six bottles of classic American beers, a bag of tortilla chips, a jar of delicious salsa and, of course, a package of spicy nuts. It’s truly the perfect “kick back and enjoy” variety!

Cakebread Wine VIP Snack Basket



Be sure to deliver the Cakebread Wine VIP Snack Basket early in the day so that they can chill the three bottles of wine it includes! You may also want to help lay out the complementary snacks, of which there are many: Godiva and Ghirardelli chocolates galore, crackers, cheese spread, smoked salmon, bagel chips, pretzels, cookies and so much more.


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