Wife or Girlfriend Gift Guide

Does your special lady have a birthday coming up? An anniversary perhaps? Or is someone trying to get out of the doghouse? Whatever the occasion (or even for no occasion at all!), read on for gifts your wife or girlfriend will absolutely love.


Romantic Gift Ideas

The best thing about romantic gifts is that they can be simple and inexpensive. As long as you put thought into your gift, she will recognize your effort.

Lacking inspiration for your romantic gift? Take a walk down memory lane. Kept the tickets from your first movie date? Put them in a frame accompanied by a hand-written card. Or take her back to the place where you had your first kiss and recreate the moment. Simple gestures that show you remember are sure to win her over.

If you’re still drawing a blank, never underestimate the power of flowers and chocolate. Mix things up by sending the flowers to her work with a sweet poem or hide a box of chocolates in her briefcase. Sweet surprises are always well-received and very romantic.

Romantic Wall Hangings Romantic Floral Bouquets Romantic Chocolate Gifts
Caricature Couple Print Deep Emotions Rose Bouquet Chocolate Covered Strawberries

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Gift Ideas for the Bedroom

Let’s be honest: a bedroom gift for your lady is as much a gift for you as it is for her. Feel free to satisfy both of your desires but keep the focus on her.

Lingerie is always a great choice for a bedroom-related gift. Be cautious to get something that your wife/ girlfriend would actually wear and not just something that catches your eye. If you don’t know her style, size, etc. turn the tables and buy “lingerie” for yourself! A funny pair of boxers can be the perfect mix of playful and sexy.

Bedroom accessories are also a great option. Whether that is massage oils, candles, mood music or something a little wilder is up to you!

Lingerie Massage Oils Romantic Music Gifts
Venetian Gown Massage Romance Gift Basket Soulmates Spanish Guitar CD

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Apparel Gift Ideas

Buying clothing for your significant other can be tricky! Getting the wrong size or style can make an awkward situation for both of you. As well, getting to shop is half the fun for most ladies!

A safe bet would be to buy something she has specifically asked for. You might need to be more attentive than usual, but chances are she’ll drop hints if she really wants it. Check in with her female friends if you’re unsure on the exact size or color preference.

An even safer bet? A gift card! A gift card allows your wife/girlfriend to pick out her own clothing and go on a shopping trip, courtesy of you! But be careful, some women see gift cards as a cop out for buying an actual gift. If that sounds like your lady, go with clothing accessories, such as scarves and hats, which are easier to select.

Lounge Wear Gift Cards Apparel Accessories
Tresor Parfum Shopping Gift Card String of Roses Silk Scarf

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Food Gift Ideas
Little known fact: the way to a woman’s heart is also through her stomach! Let’s start with the classics: chocolate and candy! Modernize them by changing the delivery method or picking a unique flavor. Is your lady a fan of new cuisines? Take her out to try a unique style of food at a new restaurant. There are endless possibilities for places and types of food to try. Or perhaps she’d prefer to learn how to cook the food? Sign the two of you up for cooking lessons and learn the fine art of sushi making or basics of decorating cakes.The trump card of all things food? Cooking for your wife or girlfriend. Nothing is more romantic than going out of your way to prepare a meal  for your loved one. Up the ante by making the meal a surprise, creating a candlelit dining area or delivering it to her in bed.

Wine Bottle Gifts Experience Gifts Complete Meal
Personalized Date Night Mini Fondue Set Cooking in New York Pasta Dinner for Two

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