Gift Ideas Based on How Your Mom Cooks

With Mother’s Day coming up, it’s hard to think of the ideal gift for mom that’s original and something she’s sure to enjoy. This year skip lining up for hours at your local brunch joint and presenting your mom with yet another boring gift basket. Instead, take a look at your mom’s cooking style and our recommendations to find that perfect Mother’s Day present. Bon appétit and Happy Mother’s Day!


Home-cooked Meal

Coming home to a mom that has slaved over the oven all day to proudly present a pot roast to her hungry household? You’ve got yourself a traditional lady! She’ll love heartfelt classics like chocolates, flowers and handwritten cards. Don’t forget to thank her for the countless meals she’s prepared. Go the extra step and surprise her with a framed photo of the family so she knows exactly how much she is appreciated.

Chocolates Bouquet of Flowers Mother Photo Frames
Triple Chocolate Brownie Bites Straight from the Heart Bouquet Paisley Picture Frame

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So maybe “cooking style” is a little generous for your busy mama. Even if she has the pizza delivery place on speed dial, your hard-working mom still deserves a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift. Perhaps the reason why Styrofoam containers and plastic cutlery are a staple at family dinners is because your mom is too stressed out. Splurge on a trip to the spa; exactly what a busy mom needs so she can recharge. Or maybe there just aren’t enough hours in the day for mom on the go. Gift something helpful like a planner or a time saver like a travel mug.

Spa Gift Baskets Desk Planners Travel Mugs
Stress Buster Spa Gift Basket Pink Ribbon Desk Planner Color Your Own Mom Travel Mug

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If the only thing your mom knows how to make is reservations, cater to her sense of luxury this Mother’s Day. As a serial restaurant goer, your mom has developed a refined palette. Gift a favorite bottle of wine or gift certificates to a place she’s been dying to dine at. She might also enjoy turning her restaurant going into a hobby; consider getting her a book about fine dining or subscription to a foodie’s magazine. Or surprise her with jewelry that she can proudly show off to the wait staff!

Gift of Wine Books about Food Hand-stamped Necklaces
Monthly Wine Club Food Journey of a Lifetime 3-tier Hand Stamped Necklace

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Frozen Food
Ma might not be signing up to compete on Hell’s Kitchen, but she has managed to master a few microwave delicacies. If prepackaged meals covered in freezer burn are all your family sees, think of using your Mother’s Day gift to give mom a push in the right direction. Sign her up for cooking lessons or gift a beginner’s cookbook. Show her that cooking can be fun, with silly culinary accessories, and that everyone can master it with a little work!

Cooking Lessons Cookbooks Small Appliances
Cooking in New York What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner? Cookbook Pig in a Blanket Maker

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Dessert for Dinner
Does your mom find a way to sneak chocolate into every meal? Or maybe sugar-glazed pastries have their own food group in your house? Either way, your mother has definitely got a sweet tooth that she loves to share! She likes to spoil you with decadence, so this Mother’s Day turn the tables and spoil her. You can’t go wrong with an elegant box of sweets or interesting savory sweet combo treat. Help inspire her inner baker with kitchen items and dessert-making accessories.

Experience Gifts Bakeware
New York City Chocolate Tour America’s Most Wanted Recipes Cupcake Maker

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You might not always be able to identify it, but you can be sure it’s not meat, dairy or eggs. It takes a lot of creativity and time to make vegan-friendly foods for the whole family. Thank your mom for putting your health and the environment first! This veggie-lover probably practices her green philosophy in other areas of her life. Gift a sustainably-sourced and naturally made clothingitem or a new cookbook if your mom has exhausted her combinations of quinoa and kale. As long as you keep her vegan-loving ways in mind, your mom will appreciate any gift that benefits her body and the world.

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