Gifts to Fix Your Boyfriend’s Bad Habits

Gifts to fix your Boyfriend's Bad Habits

Even your almost perfect guy has his faults. Find out how you can curb his annoying tendencies and still look like the caring partner you are by giving him a gift at the same time.


Gift Ideas for Too Much Sports Talk

Does your guy go on and on about the latest touchdown? While it may be hard to get him to abandon his sports, it is possible to cut down his sports-related chatter. Surprise him with his favorite TV show on Blu- ray and convince him to watch that after the game. Now he can entertain you with sitcom jokes that will be a welcomed change from game stats. Or give your boyfriend a gift certificate to the local sports bar and send him down there on game day. If he’s surrounded by fellow sports buffs and the beer is on you, chances are he’ll get all his sports chatter out of his system before he comes home. Alternatively, offer to host the guys at your place for the big game and keep refilling the chip bowl until they talk themselves dry.

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Gift Ideas for Poor Bathroom Etiquette

Some guys really struggle with proper bathroom etiquette. Something about closing the door, wiping the counter or turning on the fan is absolutely baffling to the male brain. If you’re dating a guy who doesn’t see a problem with going from the shower to the bedroom dripping wet, gift him with a bath mat. Try picking out one with his favorite team’s logo or a pattern he’ll like enough to use. If your guy can never remember to close the door when he’s doing his business, give him a ‘do not disturb’ door hanger. Go for one with a funny joke or characters from his favorite TV show so he remembers to use it every time it catches his eye. Lastly, if your guy is forgetting to use the fan, gift both of you with a box of potpourri or air freshener.

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Gift Ideas for the Strong Silent Type

Does your guy go mute as soon as you bring up anything to do with emotions or feelings? Give him a journal and encourage him to take some time to write out his feelings for himself. If you want to get the conversation flowing, gift him with a couple’s conversation starter board game. He might not be interested in playing a full round of the game but pull out a few of the conversation starters at dinner to get him talking. Remember to surprise your guy with a heartfelt gift whenever he does open up and talk about his feelings.

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Gift Ideas for Limited Culinary Knowledge
If you weren’t around would he live primarily off of instant noodles and take-out? Start with an easy fix: a guy-friendly cookbook. It’s important to pick a book that’s catered to men and to beginners so he doesn’t become overwhelmed with complicated overly-fancy recipes. Another idea is to sign up for culinary classes for two. Not only are cooking classes a romantic way to spend time together, but you can help your guy pick up skills he can put to work in your kitchen at home. Lastly, surprise your guy with a little thank you giftwhen he makes his first meal for you.

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Gift Ideas for Video Game Addict
If your guy is rushing back to the game console as soon as dinner is over or he’s not coming to bed because he’s too busy defending the realm, you might have a problem on your hands. To lure him away from video game marathons, try to encourage your boyfriend’s other interests. If he likes sports, surprise him with tickets to a real-life sporting event or if he’s into cooking, try a new cookbook or fancy cooking equipment. Show him that reality beats virtual reality by arranging fun dates out that suit his interests such as museum-hopping, ice skating, wine tasting or hitting the driving range.

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