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It’s not what you think. Or maybe it is, because when you give your mom, wife, neighbor, or hostess one of these, that’s exactly what you earn. So what exactly is a swag? Urban dictionary and internet memes aside, it’s literally an ornamental arrangement, usually hung on a wall but displayed any which way. The most popular types are those made with fresh or dried flowers, fruit, or leaves. Fabric can also be involved, like on heavy curtains or expensive-looking decorations at weddings. Fancy yourself a swag-giver? Here are some tips:


Glittered Corn Swag



1.   Stick with the season. Once September hits, notice bunches of dried, multicolored corn on the cob popping up in stores. Guess what those are called? Yup. This fall staple is ideal for celebrating autumn holidays like Halloween or Thanksgiving or the season as a whole. For Christmas, snip a few branches off your (live) Christmas tree, pick up a few fake pine cones or berries from your local dollar store, and tie up the bundle with a glittery red ribbon to earn serious points with the female population. When it comes to warmer weather, look for dried or fresh flowers at your local florist or craft store.



2.     Messy is good. If you Google images of “swag décor”, you’ll find that the name of the game is rustic, natural, and even unkempt. Most free-spirited foliage are made from herbs or sweet-smelling flowers that will fill a home with fragrance. This is the one type of mess your mom or wife won’t mind.


3.     Think outside the stem. Maybe you want to ditch earthy things altogether and go for a swag of fabric, like a flag or décor to hang outside, or seashells as a memento of summer. Whatever you choose, start with a theme, like a color or fabric that your recipient likes.

American Swag

Seashell Swag









4.     Consult craft mavens. Dare to browse Martha Stewart’s website or, better yet, to step foot into a Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. Staff there make the process easy by eliminating precious hours of research and pointing you to nice, ready made options. If you’re feeling especially bold, try your hand at picking up craft supplies to DIY your own swag. After all, it takes swag to make one.

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