Groomsmen Gift Guide


This is for the guys who have been helping you pick up invitations, hosting bachelor parties, writing toasts and renting tuxedos. When you’re sweating it out at the end of the aisle, these are the guys who are going to have your back. Whether lifelong friend, family member or new bud, these guys deserve a lot of thanks for getting you through the big day.


Gift Ideas for a Friend

How can you thank the guy who has been with you since day 1? You have probably had your fair share of
fights over the years, but no one is closer than family. If your brother is also your best man, it’s time to go
above and beyond to show your appreciation. Stick with something you know he’ll like, but add a touch of
class to it. A traditional gift, like a new leather wallet, is a great gesture. It’s practical and elegant. But don’t
be afraid to think outside of the box either! Is your brother a big sports fan? Splurge on courtside seats for
his favorite team. Keeping his gift personal and generous will definitely honor the time and effort he has put
into your wedding.

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Gift Ideas for a School Friend

You guys have been playing video games and pulling pranks since way before your bride was in the picture.
Take the opportunity to show your bud that his continued friendship and years of memories mean a lot to
you with a personalized gift. A great classic option would be an engraved leather flask. He’ll remember your
crazy nights (and the promise of more to come) with this practical and manly gift. Feel free to add a little
gag gift as well if you two share an inside joke. Something like a framed photo of your “best” college days
together is sure to put a smile on his face. You can also take the opportunity to show your friend that he will
still be an important part of your life after you’re married. Arrange a bro weekend to Vegas or a guys-only
camping trip. Nothing will make him feel better about your departure from singlehood than knowing he’ll still
be a part of your married life.

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Gift Ideas for a Brother-in-Law or New Friend

Despite this guy not being in your life for very long, he’s still an important part of your wedding party and
trip down the aisle. You may have just been work friends until now or maybe he’s your sweetheart’s brother
who she wanted in the wedding. Be sure not to make this new friend feel left out since he doesn’t have
years of memories with you and may not know the other groomsmen. Monogrammed cufflinks are a great
standard option and could be worn the day of. A top of the line grooming kit can also be practical and the
perfect option for a guy who is into looking a little more polished. If you happen to know his tastes, feel free
to personalize your gift. You can try and get insight from your bride or other mutual friends but be sure to
pick out the gift yourself. That way he’ll know that even though the friendship is new, it’s still important to

Congratulations on your big day and best of luck shopping for the guys who deserve it!

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