Halloween Costume Gift Guide for Him


October 31st is a time for ghouls, goblins and ghosts to roam the streets in search of candy and fun parties. The only requirement to gain access to a great time and a bag of free sweets is a costume. Here are some great Halloween costume ideas for the whole family.

Costume Ideas for Men

Halloween is a great time to stretch your creative imagination. But if you’re looking for
something instantly recognizable, go for a classic. The Adult Deluxe Superman Costume is an
easy buff superhero look, no gym time required. The Man of Steel is always a Halloween hit!

Going for laughs? Try something outside of the box like an Adult Taco Costume. It’s the perfect
conversation starter if you’re going to be meeting new people; odds are you’ll be the only
Mexican delicacy at the party!

If you’re attending a Halloween bash with your significant other, a couple’s costume is always a
great idea. A television throwback like the Adult Fred Flinstone Costume looks great paired with
Fred’s partner, Wilma. If you happen to be attending solo, you can still sport the Mr. Flinstone
look as it’s a stand-alone classic and gives you an excuse to chat up all the red-heads in search of

Adult Deluxe Superman Costume Adult Taco Costume Adult Fred Flintstone Costumee
Superman Taco Fred Flintstone

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Costume Ideas for Kids

When you’re a kid, Halloween is the greatest holiday of them all! Not only do you get free candy
from your neighbors, but you get to stay out late and wear a super cool costume. What’s better
for a super cool costume than a superhero? Boys will love the Child Deluxe Spiderman Muscle
Chest Costume. And moms will love the ease of a one-piece costume with no assembly required.

Just as popular as the superhero is the super villain! For youngsters who prefer to show off
the scary side of Halloween, try something more sinister like the Child Darth Vader Costume.
Beware of flailing light sabers and overly dramatic breathing.

If pop culture icons aren’t inspiring your youngster, consider using this dress up opportunity to
explore more realistic characters. Has your son been dreaming of becoming a pilot since his first
plane ride? Or maybe he plans to be a real life superhero and has already started saving for med
school. Both the Boy’s Pilot Costume and the Jr Physician Costume in Green are great options
for young kids.

Child Deluxe Spiderman Muscle Chest Costume Child Darth Vader Costume Boy's Pilot Costume
Muscle Spiderman Darth Vader Pilot

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Costume Ideas for Toddlers

It’s hard to look anything but adorable when you’re a toddler in a costume. To guarantee a
chorus of “awws”, dress your little one in a foolproof baby animal costume. They’re easy to put
on and usually have enough room to fit a coat underneath if Halloween happens to be chilly. Try
the Toddler’s Li’l Leopard Costume or the Blue Bunny Infant Costume.

If you prefer something a little more original, feel free to have fun with your toddler’s costume!
Get creative and dress them in a Baby Tootsie Roll Costume. Odds are you’ll score a lot more
candy in a candy-inspired outfit.

To help your toddler transition into more mature costumes, try the Toddler Boy’s Firefighter
Costume. This outfit is a great choice because it allows your toddler to dress like a person instead
of a cute animal, a trend more popular with older boys.

We hope these Halloween costume “tricks” help you get lots of holiday “treats” this Halloween!

Your favorite little darling will be as adorable as can be when dressed in this sweet leopard costume. The plush costume includes a jumpsuit, hood, tail and mittens to create the purr-fect ensemble. More $31.99	 Kohl's 	MORE DETAIL Baby Tootsie Roll Costume Toddler Boy's Firefighter Costume
Li’l Leopard Tootsie Roll Firefighter

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