Hanukkah Gift Guide


Hanukkah, or the Festival of Lights, is celebrated every year in the Jewish religion. Jewish families gather together to light the menorah, eat traditional foods, play games, recite prayers and scriptures, and, of course, exchange gifts. Help make this Hanukkah particularly special with a thoughtful gift that caters to your recipients’ tastes.


Religious Gift Ideas

For some people, Hanukkah is deeply rooted in traditions and spirituality. Honor these beliefs with a gift that evokes the same emotions year-round. A beautiful Star of David necklace could be the perfect gift for the matriarch of the family to wear proudly around her neck. Religious story books are great gifts for younger kids who are just learning about their religion and the importance of Hanukkah. These books are available for a variety of age groups so they are easily understood without being boring. If you’re looking to gift a religious item to a whole family think about upgrading some of the traditional Hanukkah pieces such as a new menorah or new reading holder for the Torah.

Star of David Necklace Jewish Books Menorah Gift Ideas
Happiness Star of David Necklace The Magic Dreidel Book Elegant Menorah

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Modern Gift Ideas

Modern Hanukkah gifts are seen more commonly with the younger generation. These gifts resemble those given at birthdays or other special occasions; they’re not necessarily religious. Think of the recipient’s favorite hobbiesor something trendy they’ve been lusting after. Great options include gift cards to favorite stores, tech accessories and movies/books. If you’re at a loss, other similar-aged family members or helpful sales assistants can usually point out what the latest and greatest must-have item is.

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Dance Messenger Bag Mustache Tablet Sleeve Case Medis Headphones

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Casual Gift Ideas

If you’re invited to a Hanukkah celebration by people you are not as close to or you are giving a gift to an acquaintance who celebrates Hanukkah, a casual gift is probably best. Casual gifts show that you care about the recipient but don’t require you to know them intimately. These gifts include coffee/tea sets, candles, home decor, bath and body sets, gift baskets and the like. They are perfect gifts for a family. Even if you don’t personally celebrate Hanukkah, it’s a nice gesture to buy a gift and wish Happy Hanukkah to the people in your life who do.

Coffee/Tea gift Candles Bath and Body Gift Baskets
Starbucks and Tazo Eye Opener Gift Basket Cranberry Clementine Soy Candle Relaxation Gift Basket

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Luxury Gift Ideas

If spoiling your loved ones helps fulfill your holiday spirit, then consider a luxury gift for Hanukkah. These gifts can take any form but generally surprise the recipient with something a little over the top. Consider surprising your spouse with a vacation for two or a piece of jewelry. A big ticket item like a new computer or an “of-the-month” subscription is a great option as well because they’re long lasting. If you want to infuse a religious component into your luxurious gift think of precious metal menorahs or diamond studded Star of David necklaces. Whatever you pick, your recipient is sure to appreciate the extra time and thought that go into a luxury gift.

Happy Hanukkah!

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