Healthy Holiday Gifts

The holidays can take their toll on one’s body. Between holiday parties, unexpected birthday parties, and family gatherings, the amount of food–and often alcohol–one consumes, can be excessive. Before they know it, they’re celebrating the entire month of December and their body has taken on a whole new shape (probably not the one they were hoping for, either).
Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat
Come January first, they find themselves immediately regretting that appetizer tray they scarfed down, or that extra slice of pie they had for dessert. Then, like everyone else, they make the mad-dash to the gym in hopes of returning their body to its original form, if not a better one. This year, why not give them something they can put to use from home while they wait for people to throw in the towel at the gym (you know, around February when people slowly stop showing up and resume life as normal?) Here are a few gift ideas to help motivate them and keep them feeling fit.

Perfect for any yogi, this Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat is great for doing yoga at home, whether it’s from memory or watching a DVD.

Timex Health Tracker Watch



Every breath you take, every step you take, this Timex Health Tracker Watch will be watching you. Featuring functions such as a diet diary, distance and calories burned, and more, they can keep track of every walk or jog they go on, helping them reach their fitness goals.


The Biggest Loser Workout Power Sculpt DVD




Help them build the body of their dreams with The Biggest Loser Workout Power Sculpt DVD. With the help of trainers like Jillian Michaels, their body will be leaner and meaner than they ever imagined.





Developed in Russia in the 1700s, the kettlebell is a unique way to build up muscle and incorporate cardio all in one solid workout. With this Adjustable Kettle Versa-Bell, they can increase the weight from 16 to 35 lbs., depending on their comfort level.




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