Housewarming Gift Guide


Whether friends of yours are signing their first lease ever or family members are moving from rent checks to mortgage payments, a new home is a great excuse for them to invite over loved ones to help celebrate their new milestone. Make sure you don’t show up empty handed at your next housewarming event!


Gift Ideas for Newlyweds

The traditional first-time homeowners are also the new Mr. & Mrs. on the block. Not only are they moving
into a new house but they’re starting a new life together. Help them mark this occasion with a heartfelt gift
for their new home. You can usually get an idea of their tastes by checking their wedding registry. A great
idea for this couple is to go in on a big household gift with friends. Help the new couple out by joining forces
and getting them something important for their new home that might be out of their budget.

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Gift Ideas for College Students

The first place a college student lives that doesn’t have built-in maid service (read: mom and dad) is often
small, shared and perpetually in need of a good cleaning. This home needs products that are efficient and
save time and/or money. Consider getting two-in-one gifts like an ottoman that can be used for storage.
College students would also appreciate a humorous gift for their new place like a set of kitchen glasses with
funny sayings. A foolproof option for college students is the gift of food. No student would refuse pre-made
lasagnas for their freezer or a batch of homemade desserts. Sure, they might be on the road to adulthood,
but that doesn’t mean they’ve learned how to use the stove just yet.

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Gift Ideas for Empty Nesters

The kids have flown the coop and it’s just a hen and her rooster left to watch the nest. So, what do they do?
Move to a new nest! This couple is most likely moving to a smaller place now that they don’t have to house
their children. Keep this in mind when buying gifts; they may appreciate an organization unit over extra
towels. Use this gift to celebrate the parents on their achievement. Congratulate them with a great bottle
of wine, the perfect housewarming gift. Or welcome them back to the adults-only life with a fun couple’s
activity like theatre tickets or a cooking class. For the sentimental empty nester, a framed photo of the
family shows you understand how bittersweet this next stage will be.

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Gift Ideas for Bachelor Pad
This young adult is moving into their first apartment that is all their own. Help them into this new phase
by remembering their tastes when choosing gifts. The vintage candlesticks might be a great find but if he’s
going for a modern look, you may want to follow his style and skip the sticks. Remember that bachelor pads
are not huge spaces and your gift recipient would definitely benefit from space-saving gifts like a screen to
help separate the bedroom from the living room. Moving into a new place might coincide with moving to a
new city or getting a new job. Keep these other important milestones in mind and feel free to buy a gift that
honors these accomplishments like a new briefcase for work. Whatever the gift, as long as it shows you are
paying attention to their tastes and celebrating their new milestone, this homeowner/renter will be happy.

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