How to Throw A Good ‘ol Party

I was recently discussing Halloween with a friend, when we began to talk about how
great a holiday it really is; there’s no pressure to buy anyone gifts, you get to dress up as
someone you’re not, you eat endless amounts of candy, and it’s generally just an excuse
to have a good time with your friends. Once Halloween passes, it’s on to Thanksgiving,
the unofficial holiday of Black Friday, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and New Year’s
Eve. While these holidays are great for getting everyone together, it also creates a lot of
unwanted stress. What is supposed to be a time to celebrate our thanks and be grateful for
what we have, transforms into one of those moments where you find yourself saying, “I
just want the holidays be over.” Why can’t every holiday be like Halloween?

Take it upon yourself to help your friends throw a party that everyone can enjoy, without
the pressures that are attached to a traditional holiday celebration, but include all the
perks of Halloween.
Well Butter My Butt And Call Me A Biscuit Doormat
With shows like TLC’s “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” and the Discovery Channel’s “Moonshiners,” it shows us that there are plenty of ways to have fun on a budget, doing less than traditional activities (the Summer Redneck Games, anyone?) Instead of a typical holiday party, help them throw a good ol’ fashioned redneck-themed house party! Here are a few gift ideas to help them nail the redneck lifestyle.

Help them greet their friends, with this Well Butter My Butt and Call Me a Biscuit Doormat. There’s nothing like a little Southern hospitality to really welcome them.


No Peein' Off The Porch Sign


When the line backs up in the bathroom, desperate times often call for desperate measures. Remind them that there’s No Peein’ Off the Porch, with this comical sign. I know it’s tempting, but hang in there and wait for the bathroom, party poopers!


Redneck Drink Glass





Whether they’re serving beer, wine coolers, or moonshine, they’ll feel pretty classy when they sip their beverage from this Redneck Drink Glass. By adding an elegant stem to an ordinary mason jar, it’s almost hard to consider it worthy of the redneck title!





This ain’t the country club, folks. No one’s going to be walking around with bacon wrapped scallops at this party, but they’ll probably have the next best thing: BaconPop! This bacon-flavored popcorn is a redneck party staple and a delicious appetizer that everyone can pig out on.

Bouquet of 3 Duct Tape Roses





Lastly, don’t show up to the party empty handed. Surprise the host or hostess with this lovely Bouquet of 3 Duct Tape Roses. They’ll make a wonderful centerpiece that any redneck would be proud of.

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