How to Throw an Easy Olympics Party

Whether you vote Republican or Democrat, live on the west coast or east, one thing holds true: we Americans love our Olympics. It’s a time when gluttonous TV-watching marathons are justified and the one time you care about synchronized swimming. In the spirit of the games, gather friends and family together to root for Team USA. No need to make your viewing party a Herculean task; keep it simple and fun with these tips.


DécorDecor for olympic party

The easiest, fastest way to infuse some patriotic décor? Run to your local party supply store and grab a few red, white, and/or blue streamers. If you’re a Martha Stewart type and have some more time on your hands, grab a few kraft paper stars of different sizes and douse them with glitter (gold, silver, and bronze, of course).

Another festive idea is to create a banner of flags of different countries.  For a family-friendly activity, search for free coloring pages of flags, lay them out on a coffee table with crayons, and let little kids have at it.


Patriotic Dessert


Nothing says “America” more than a laid-back barbeque. Load up on burgers and dogs, and make a fruit plate of blueberries, watermelon, and sliced apples for a subtle patriotic nod.



ActivitiesHomemade Olympic Wreath

Stage a mini photobooth area where guests can snap pics during commercials. Create an awards podium out of stepstools and buy or make props like medals, London paraphernalia, or head wreaths a la ancient Greece. Or opt to revive retired Olympic sports, like tug-of-war (skip the live pigeon shooting, however).


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