It’s a Wrap: Five Creative Gift Wrap Ideas

When it comes to gift-giving, the actual present is only half the battle. The rest lies in the presentation. For some recipients, a simple and quick wrapping paper job will do. But for others, something more creative or personal is in order. Look to these unique and budget-friendly ideas the next time you want to eschew traditional gift wrapping.


Butcher paper for gift wrapping

1. Butcher paper

Unleash your inner child, or just recruit your actual one. Butcher paper (like the kind used on restaurant tabletops) is a perfect blank slate for creative expression. Draw freehand or use rubber stamps, designer stickers – you name it.  Blank brown paper bags work just as well; tie up the whole package with twine for an easy, old-fashioned effect.



Vintage Scarves

2. Vintage scarves

If cutting a straight line just isn’t your thing, tie up your bundle with a brightly colored silk scarf; no scissors or tape required. Raid your grandmother’s closet or hit your nearest thrift store (we recommend the latter). Similarly, patterned kitchen towels work well, especially for kitchen-themed gifts, or burp cloths or receiving blankets for baby gifts.


map for wrapping gifts



3. Maps

This is especially cute and sentimental when sending a gift. Visit your city’s office of tourism or grab road maps from a used bookstore. If it’s a map of a city, mark all the landmarks and places that are special to the two of you. If it’s a country or world map, draw hearts or arrows connecting your two locations.



Calendar pages for gift wrapping

4. Old calendar pages
Use the page of the month of the special occasion — anniversary, birthday, or holiday – and circle the day. Done. A perfect minimalist statement that delivers maximum impact.






5. Tin containers

Forget the gift box altogether and use a vintage tin container that once held sweets or tea. Not only is it unique and memorable, it’s also a fun way to be eco-conscious.


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