Keep the Kids Entertained this Summer

If there’s one conundrum that seems to befall every parent of school-aged children during summer, it’s this: how best to keep the kids entertained for three long, seemingly endless months? The dog days of summer are so long and hot that even the most well-behaved kids suddenly seem a little less angelic. Fortunately there are plenty of gift ideas that will afford you a little TLC while keeping the kids busy for a few hours.

Tetherball Game


No doubt about it: they will love this tetherball game! Just like the same sets they enjoy on the playground at school, this essential game is made with high-quality, galvanized steel poles and includes a ball, pump and ground sleeve.

Deluxe 15 Gallon Column Aquarium Kit



Kick start the project of the summer! This 15-gallon column aquarium kit is perfect for housing their favorite fish in a bright and energetic  environment. This lean aquarium will fascinate the kids with its intricate design, and, naturally, the fish will love it, too!


15-Foot Outdoor Trampoline Enclosure


Talk about a good time! The kids will love this fantastic outdoor trampoline that measures 15 feet – and parents will appreciate just how many hours of free time it buys them. It’s built with safety in mind, including a zippered entrance that locks and shock-absorbing poles that ensure every mid-air leap and sky-high jump.


Kid's 70-Foot Zipline with Seat


If you’ve got a couple of trees in the backyard, you can easily transform your space into the hottest spot in the neighborhood this summer. The Slackers zipline kit includes everything needed to send kids soaring  through the yard in complete safety. They’ll feel like superheroes, but in reality they’ll only be a few feet off the ground.


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