Law School and MBA Graduation Gift Guide


After years and years of hard work, they’ve finally done it! No more papers, tests or all-night
study sessions…at least until they have to write the bar! Help your graduate celebrate this huge achievement with an amazing gift.

Gift Ideas for Son or Daughter
Congratulations! Your child has achieved great academic success and is ready to go out into the world and begin the career they’ve been working towards. Start their professional life out on the right foot by gifting the Venezia Briefcase. This handmade leather bag is the ultimate in luxury and will surely make a great impression for their first day on the job.Every student knows the pain of writing boring notes with a substandard pen. A young professional deserves a pen as impressive as they are. The Waterford Kilberry Black Guilloche Ballpoint Penis a beautiful writing tool that will last your graduate for years to come.A graduation is a great occasion to gift a new gadget. Your future lawyer/CEO will appreciate the thoughtfulness of the Kindle Wireless Reading Device. They can catch up on the news, start a novel or even brush up on schoolwork by perusing old textbooks.
Venezia Briefcase Kilbarry Guilloche Ballpoint Pen Kindle Reading Device
Venezia Briefcase Kilbarry Guilloche Pen Kindle Device

Gift Ideas for a Brother or Sister

As a proud sibling, you’ll want to celebrate your brother/sister’s achievement and help mark their entrance into the professional world. Give them something practical yet thoughtful like an Executive Black Leather Personalized Portfolio. The personalized name shows you care while the all-business folder shows you know how important this graduation is.Even though your sister is a professional career woman now, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy a quirky gift and a good glass of wine. A Handmade Female Graduate Wine Caddy will leave her smiling every time she pulls it off the shelf. Bonus: she’ll probably split that first congratulatory bottle of wine with you!No one knows how hard your sibling has worked more than you do. Instead of a traditional gift that concerns academia or their future career, go for something your brother/sister definitely deserves: a break! A Gift Certificate for a 3-Course Dinner for Twois a great idea for the overworked graduate.

Executive Leather Portfolio Handmade Female Graduate Wine Caddy Gift Certificate for a 3-Course Dinner for Two
Executive Portfolio Graduate Wine Cady 3 Course Dinner for 2

Gift Ideas for a Friend’s Child

When the graduate is the child of one of your friends, it’s great to stick with practical gifts that still show you care. You’re not expected to shell out tons of cash or psychically know exactly what the graduate wants/needs. Go for something handy yet stylish like the Pink Leatherette Business Card Holder. Every professional needs one and the fun colour makes it personal.Another great gift idea for friends of the parents is a contribution to the working wardrobe of the graduate. Odds are he/she has spent the last few years in ripped jeans and their college sweatshirt. Help him into the professional world with a Solid Twill Silk Narrow Tie. It might even help him ace his first job interview! A subscription to a magazine is an excellent gift for a law school/MBA graduate. This way they’ll be able to keep up with their goals and stay in tune with their industry. Every month it will feel like they’re getting a new gift with the Success Magazine Subscription. Best of luck choosing a graduation gift and congratulations to the new graduate!

Pink Leatherette Business Card Holder Solid Twill Silk Narrow Tie Success Magazine Subscription
Business Card Holder Twill Silk Tie Success Magazine Subscription

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