Living Large: The Ultimate Party Accessory

Go big or go home, as they say. We all have those friends who never know how to tone it
down or do anything on a small scale; they party hard, live large, and drink up. With such
a large personality, it’s a wonder you’re able to fit in the same room as them sometimes.

While you don’t want to start them down the path of alcoholism, it can’t hurt to play into
their ego a little bit, with this hilarious Sasquatch Extremely Large Flask. This insanely
oversized flask holds up to 128 ounces of liquor, guaranteeing everyone’s favorite partier
will definitely have a good night (heck, this might last them through the weekend if they
play their cards right).

Great for bachelor parties, 21st birthdays, and more, this hilarious accessory is anything
but discrete and not intended for anyone on the wagon. Cheers and drink responsibly!

Sasquatch Extremely Large Flask





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