Meaningful Baby Gifts for the New Parent

Several of my dear girlfriends have recently given birth, which means these new moms will have something extra precious to think about this holiday season. It also means that I, the thoughtful friend, am on the hunt for unique gifts that will actually be used. Here are a few precious finds that will please mommy and baby.

Blauen Musical Baby Pillow
Consider this baby’s first luxury item. The little one may not be able to appreciate the aesthetic beauty of this lovely Blauen Baby Pillow, but he or she will definitely love the dulcet tones it plays. This pillow is fully customizable, with your choice of eight gentle lullabies, plus a variety of fabric colors, embroidery styles and other options. For an additional fee, the pillow can even be monogrammed with baby’s name. One thing is certain: the new arrival is sure to sleep peacefully.


Mom, Dad, and Baby Gift Basket



Someone definitely had mom and dad’s best interests in mind when they put together this carefully edited selection of goods for parents and baby. Inside the Mom, Dad, & Baby Gift Basket are products that the entire brood can use: a handprint kit to create an impression of the teeny one’s hand; a softly fragranced candle to illuminate the room during those late-night feeds; a CD full of relaxing lullabies; a sweet family-themed picture frame; a towel and washcloth set and so much more. Talk about baby bliss!

Coco Stylewood Baby Bouncer



Unlike typical baby bouncers, this Bloom Coco Stylewood Baby Lounger epitomizes refined elegance with its immaculate silhouette and design. The warm combination of dark chocolate and cappuccino is pleasing to the eye and soothes the senses, but it’s the rocker’s smooth undulations that will ultimately lull baby off to dreamland. More than just functional, this little chair adds a stylish element to their arsenal of baby essentials.

Sterling Silver Chime Rattle




Made of solid sterling silver, this elegant rattle is the kind of keepsake parents will treasure for a lifetime. Its melodious chimes will calm baby in an instant, while the classic appearance and delicate gift box will please both parents with its beautiful presentation. Make the memory even more special by having the rattle personalized for an additional fee.


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